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And i heart radio station it'll be mostly cloudy overnight with only a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms that low of seventy three for your monday you can expect late afternoon showers and thunderstorms with a high of eighty six monday night showers and thunderstorms likely through the evening then mostly cloudy overnight with a low of seventy one then tuesday mostly sunny skies with a high near eighty five that's the forecast from seven hundred wwl w the radar shows a few showers moving across bracken county down in northern kentucky right now and a few popup showers and stray showers moving across clermont and brown counties here in ohio is well it is seventy three degrees right now news is a service of travelcenters of america you're gonna get a single screen pass as well as vip and day passes for the first ever cinde pendant film festival being held august twenty third through the twenty fifth single screen passes our ten dollars per screen block and will allow you the opportunity to see twelve short films besides independent films for across the country to local documentaries will also be featured at the festival leila's highway is about transgender teen leila alcorn from kings mills and hard face is about former boxer richard heart heart face mason who is now a trainer at the northside boxing gym and unfortunate incident in boone county leads to a death a two year old boy is dead after drowning in a backyard pool the boone county sheriff's office reports emmett lay was that a home in the three hundred block of rule court with family members when he slipped out the back door and climb the ladder to the pool his grandparents found him just minutes after he disappeared from the home there is no foul play suspected and the entire family is cooperating with the investigation melissa neeley newsradio seven hundred wwl w a book out this week is revealing new insights about the ryan widmer murder trial former inquirer reporter giannis his lease book submerged explorers a theory that sarah widmer had a rare medical condition that caused her to drown in the bathtub at her warren county home ryan widmer is serving a fifteen years to life sentence for killing his wife of four months in twenty eight two thousand eight news radio seven hundred wwl.

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