Mr Costa, Republican Party, Mr. Kosta discussed on The Michael Medved Show


When you're you're saying, something, that's just patently untrue. Policy positions. Tremor crafts? Don't hate Jewish people. It's true. I think should call out their members by name. And we've made that clear I don't have anything able does mister Acosta defend the Republican party against charges that it's racist, sexist bigoted. That president is sending a dog whistle to the racist. Members of the Republican party. Jim Acosta stand up for for that and defend that stupid assertion. Now, it's just when the president refers to the Democratic Party anti semitic that Gemma ticked off. But Republicans being called bigoted and racist. By people like Maxine Waters. Mr kosta. Maxine Waters, call George Herbert Walker Bush, racists, whereas Mr Costa. Joe Biden said Republicans don't want black people voting. What was Mr Costa, Joe, Biden said Cheney wants to unchain Wall Street wants to put y'all back and change where was Mr. Kosta defending the Republican party against the assertion that they want to put y'all back in chains. When Hillary said how's it being run like a plantation referring to the Republican dominated house? And you know, what I'm talking about? Where was Mr.. Kosta damn damn damn when Bill Clinton said the Ted Kennedy in two thousand eight trying to get Kennedy's support for his wife's candidacy, so this guy. Obama few years ago would have been getting us coffee. Where was Mr Costa? Anymore? Now, I want to tell you a story about the wonder bible. Years ago when I was running my business things weren't going. So well, it was probably the one time where I was truly truly worried about about the business. Anybody who runs a business? No their ups and downs. But every now, and then there are down. There are down. This was down. Some walking from my office feeling really really down. And there was this neon sign. On the wall. From the business, and it said be not afraid..

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