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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to move the sticks for today's podcast. We have a special football. Baseball crossover focused on team building. You know him as the lead draft analyst on NFL network. He's also a color commentator for the Los, Angeles chargers. He scouted for the Ravens Brown Eagles. Daniel. Jeremiah he played five years in the NFL. Is A cornerback in return man scouted for the seahawks and panthers and was a legend for the tar heels. Bucky Brooks. What's up everybody DJ Bucky here for move the sticks and bucky little a little different show. We have today, but I think I. GonNa, enjoy it. Yeah I, think this is a great opportunity for us to do what we love to do. Which is cross training when it comes to team building, so we do want to baseball show. We sat down with former players coaches museum members GM's talk about the game and how released to baseball? Yeah, you get a chance to see how we believe we preach right. It's our gospel. We preached the Gospel of Maltese Sports for Young. Guys coming up. Up We don't want kids a specialized gonNA play multiple sports. We think it really helps them in their over ethic development, and we've seen that from football players. Now we're seeing it and other sports, and we get a chance to talk to these guys. Specifically talking to these baseball guys is really fascinating, so I had a chance to go down to the winter meetings and talk with a bunch of folks and we've had others like John smoltz join us on the podcast. So what we've done is we've taken a collection of these conversations. I think you guys are really going to enjoy them. But first of all bucky. It's great to have baseball back. It's it looks like it's actually going to happen, so we're football guys, but we also keep an eye on on the bat and ball as well. Yeah, man I love it. Baseball immediately is my I love I. Love it coming up. I love keeping a score when I watched it on TV I love going to games any games, particularly dodger game, so I'm excited at baseball is back. I am really really looking forward to the season kicking off all right with with no further. Further do. Let's jump in here. This is a conversation starting off with cubs, general manager Jed hoyer Jed hoyer I remember from the padres. He was there GM from two thousand nine and two thousand eleven. He was with the red sox during their run from two nine and really kind of resurgence of that franchise there with Theo Epstein now he's back with Theo Epstein with the cubs. He's been the general manager there since two thousand eleven, and really enjoyed sitting down and visiting with him at the baseball. Winter meetings. From where this started at this event to where it is now, what's the biggest difference?.

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