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And the thrive exactly right and so it's impairing people to thrive through becoming the person that they uniquely capable of becoming and and really realized the potential they have within them so that set for me and that takes a few different forms which is why we do a few different things. We host the podcast. We do corporate speaking. We do speaking in high schools. We do zoom coaching in seminar. Speaking as well now given the changes in with the pandemic and the app on on creating what should be at the end of the year is as about happened people who to do exactly that so same mission but just is different ways to deliver on that and that's early how vocalized my life and this time at synergy with aloe as is all about and subway team to do a lot of those together so i wanna mention again l. Louise has an upcoming book one more try but each of you wanted to give a book suggestion so today you get a double hitter. I'll start with l. Louise what's the book you'd like to recommend. I the moment. I'm reading a book called emotional agility by susan david and i just feel like we all need emotional agility and only to learn how to become self aware i mean for me i just think the whole every area of my life and now lives is about managing relationships and going through life with people and if you can learn how you respond in your natural humanness to certain situations or different things that come up in within relationships then i think life would be so much easier and more streamlined. If you could yeah become self aware in terms of that's you know that's why i respond that way When these person says that or you know i think it's. It's quite an empowering and enlightening book. And i've really enjoyed it sipho array. Yes mine is called compete to create by a maku javale and pete carroll dr mark javale and Many of your listeners minority nowadays to Take care of the coach of the seattle seahawks. And mach which is the mental skills coach or the sports psychologist with them and is the host of the finding mastery podcast. So i just think what they've done together as sewer line l. Always denies speak about and what we do. And and they They've really distilled. A lotta the principles of human flourishing and into quite practical self-discovery driven processes that are delivered through the books. I can pizza create. I really enjoyed less to at and that was just audible though. Is that correct at about yes. Audible original source on the available on the unfortunately. So you know either one of you. What's the best way for listeners. To get a hold of you and learn more about your work. Yes so L. podcast is code. What's right within and We must in terms of social media where it's active on instagram. So it's Mine is roy. Dawkins and as elsie wellings. And instagram's is a great place In terms of.

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