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Your work and personal world better to live affiliate productive life. Then you've come to the right place. Productivity cast the weekly show about all things productivity. Here your host ray. Sidney smith and gustapene out with francis wade and art gallois wicks. Welcome back everybody to productivity castle. Weekly show about all things personal productivity. I'm reading smith magoo's doping and we're your hosts four productivity cast and few times a year we like to bring a productivity expert onto the show and Talk about their application or the work that they do and today we have the pleasure of having nicholas vandenberg nicholas started selling newspapers in the streets of paris in high studied maths at the cold technique than business at stanford. Gsp he started and sold three technology companies with up to sixty five employees and eleven million dollars in revenues. He ran sales for two billion dollar telecom and then he negotiated a billion dollar deals with the companies of the sort of like google and now he's co founded a company called chili piper. It's the system of for revenue teams will get into that and what we're going to be talking about today. Which is cosmo time. The first focused productivity assistant welcome to productivity cast. Nicholas thank you. Thanks for having me. Yeah so what. Didn't we say that you did that. You wanted everybody to know what what. What's what's the essence of nicholas vandenberg now another. That's about right. A group friends ashley. Good sale so as that's what. I studied setting newspapers. A which you pay for a citizen. Very year fenway. And then i came to stanford in one area arrived on campus plan was to travel around the world and go to asia in the in the first weeks at the stanford business school classmate of invited steve jobs and steve jobs told us What you was up to time. That much actually had been fired from apple was candies company. Called next but yet to so inspiring. I thought the season with. I want to do when i grow up. I want to be poor to create software and tried to win back the of people so ever seen since they've been doing so you started cosmic time in parallel with this other company chili pepper. Can you tell us a little bit about chili pepper. I silhouette yeah. That's going on and then what prompted you to create cosmo time. They are so sexy. Not quite parallel. I started cheaper With my wife is a bit unusual. But she's a has a strong bad on the software product designer we bootstrap the company cheaper. We talk it salespeople. As i mentioned that of sales so we we thought that the technology was due forum a revamp and we to do it that to be correct a lot of the opportunities to to sell software sales people and so are companies saudi growing. I found myself busier and busier. And that okay. Now now is the time jubilee. Optimize time so i studied using a to do list in in may do a winston the wrong direction so growing and growing so Drill odroid remember them all sorts of cheap something better and it didn't end eventually. Thought i'm going to solve that problem myself and my wife. That was crazy. They look through so busy. You too busy. You agree to take on another company. Said look if i have. This problem must be the only one who has this. Problem will to resolve it so So i did. We started a company on the side to to help people These people be productive. And as i said the i found that these released. We've really good at capturing The things to do but not very good at helping you to do them. And so my Is being a super interesting journey because my.

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