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Way less to call in today i have a cold when you made me stand out in the rain two hours to cross the street to get your mail you're bodmer a bad month's did you really do that that can sway a she's a nice lady i was at the post office today at seven forty five with some equally angry wellesley residents who didn't get the cross the dmz yesterday because of the socalled boston marathon james call his wife and his daughters are card carrying members of the resistance yeah they all went to the women's march in washington where they all the day after the inauguration in last year where they were all wearing the pink hats i dunno commes daughters and his wife were wearing the pink hats but they were there how come you didn't tell president trump about how his family spent the day after the inauguration he might have gotten fired on january twenty second instead of may night i don't know about you holly but my favorite marathon was rosie louise i couldn't agree with you more rosie ruiz was the best she was she was the woman who claimed that she had run the race and she actually just ran long enough to find the green line stop and then took the subway down and then emerge that kenmore square and showed up like head minutes ahead of any other woman and all the guys on the tv bucer going she has a lot of fast on her fis for marathe for a world class marathon runner you know the real miracle though is that the green line was actually working these days you would finish it last place if you tried to take my my second favorite marathon runner was john forbes kerry because he was about as truthful a marathon runner as rosie ruiz was let's not get silly here.

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