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I'm gonna say they can suck all the Dick's. And or whoever runs Twitter can suck a dick. But whatever just just you know, I got to bring this up. But I I can see them for intellectual property like the guy from Conan O'Brien, but I don't even wanna get into that right now. Look it up some guy soon Conan O'Brien for stealing his jokes and patent oswald's to lead expert. In it. It's it's a real trial. That's really happening. So which I think is so funny. Like Pat Oswald on the stand being like, yeah. Like, I'm I'm an expert comedian like what he what do you say on the stand? This guy like was a Twitter guy couldn't O'Brien Yousef monologue and made money off in like, it's the first time. Like we've seen him flight. We were talking before the show like Amy Schumer Dinka and other Carlos Mencia who I forgot he was a comedian. And he had this stoop stupid. Stick about like, mentally challenged people like holy shit. I forgot all about that. Yeah. He kinda like was early two thousand was a weird time where like making we're making fun of people with disabilities was still, okay. Like like, if you what was it. I don't want to do it. But it was the thing like did it or whatever. Yeah. Yeah. I I don't even want to do because it's still like fucked up, but I talked about like coming earlier. So. I don't know. I I just it. Just bums me out. All right. Let's move on to these dog shits power rankings by ESPN FC. I'm just going to read them off Martin. And then we can go into our roast. So here are yet. According to ESPN NFC, I don't know if there had been other people in the room to agree on this. I don't know if it was just one person, but they put this out. So number one is Manchester City number two is Porto. Number three is. You've meant is number four is Napoli. Number five is PS g number six's, breezy dormant. Number seven is P as v on Hoving. Eight is Barcelona nights is Tottenham in tenth is. I x. All right. All right. All right. Let's let's just. Let's just get you know, there's just address it Porto is to that is obviously the biggest like what the fuck on this list. But Martin in what universe is Porto in the top ten but second in the world. Am I misreading this my blind? What's happening? Dude. I just. All right, Manchester City, deservedly number one notion about that. Right. But okay Porto. Okay. Go to the Portuguese league. You can name. Probably three teams max on us your Portuguese or Superindent GI soccer, you can name FC Porto Sporting Lisbon and benefit. I'd be fucking reminded of benefit today. When Kevin we're talking about this. I could only name to even though I know who benefit is just. Couldn't fucking think of one and in their Champions League group. They play I'm sorry to say this, but not fucking great teams there. Best team in their group is shock four then they played Lokomotiv Moscow and galatassary they play in the Portuguese league. And they are in a easy group in the Champions League. They are I in the Portuguese lead by two points. How Indo Faulk does any of that make sense to put them second better than you Venice better than Liverpool? Napoli Chelsea who aren't even on this list. And I just found out who ranked all these people. It was shock a his law. I fuck with shocker his. This is the dumbest fucking lists that you could have put out. I am so disappointed as just bogus. This is click bait at its finest. Yeah. Like if it's not click bait than fire Shaq has like I don't like what else to say..

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