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Have partnered to try to attract younger people to the trade. This is an issue that has been getting more troublesome over the past several years, and as we look into the future, we are projecting the labor shortage to just continue to grow. Suzanne Kenny, with a commercial Real estate development association, says they're trying to create awareness about these high paying jobs and get them filled. If your social skills are a bit rusty because of the isolation we've experienced during the pandemic, Listen up Dr Libya, Booky says that you might be experiencing something called social rust, real or perceived change in our social abilities because we've all been inside staying by ourselves. She says. Some people may feel more rusty than others. Her advice, figure out your boundaries and what feels safe for you also start slowly do some small things you used to really enjoy to our news time, 607. Like to talk to other human beings in person. Not over resume. Alright, Here's detour Dan in the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic center. He just stepped outside and says he can smell the rain. Still not seeing much of it on the roads, though, are we don't know. In fact, if you get to see a Sprinkle, consider yourself lucky. I'm kind of still waiting to see, uh, my second chance here, but they don't seem to last very long when it does right now, though, the roads are staying dry because of it. For the most part overall, the commute look Fantastic eastbound. Eitan has just a little patch of brake lights approaching 27th Avenue into 19th Avenue. That's it. Now there is one freeway snag. It's a minor snag. There's a pickup truck pulling a small trailer he spent I 10 near 91st Avenue. It's all off, right and there is a new crash. It just came in over at 43rd Avenue at Bethany Home Road. This traffic report brought to you by 72 sold com at 72 sold. You will get thousands more for your home. You can pick your clothes date and stay in your home for up to six months after closing. Go to 72 souls dot com Teacher named Katie Our news Right now it appears parts of the South Valley in Southwest Valley and the far Northeast Valley. We're talking northeast of Apache Junction seeing some rain, but we have a 30% chance. Through the morning. Decreasing this afternoon.

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