Gaza, Hamas, Israel discussed on World Story of the Day : NPR - Rival Palestinian Groups Hamas, Fatah Reach Deal Over Control Of Gaza


And and what exactly is this agreement supposed to achieve what the palestinian hope is that it will end a decade of misery in gaza and that it will open gaza up to the outside world because when hamas took over ten years ago israel and egypt imposed a blockade on gaza and very few people can leave gaza unemployment is very high hamas fought three wars with israel and humanitarian conditions in gaza have become really dire so in a met the because the palestinian authority is recognised as a legitimate government by the world palestinians hope that if the palestinian authority is back in control in gaza egypt would open its border crossing with gaza and gaza's isolation would end but there are still a lot of very key issues that the two sides have not yet agreed on a so today's agreement is just one step in and was going to be a very long process the talk about those major issues that divide hamas and fatah one is she was a very local one and that's jobs a maas once it's tens of thousands of bureaucrats that run gaza and that have run gaza for ten years to have a source of income when the palestinian authority takes over so that's been one sticking point that has actually made past attempts at reconciliation fail a major issue is hamas weapons and it's rockets the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas once hamas to disarm and they haven't yet negotiator that point.

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