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Right in that range and then it's got the escalator language. So if you could somehow makes all NBA team or anything like that, then he bumps up to that full 207, which is the Trae young that's where Luka doncic will be. So, yeah. So I think that's wrong, you know, a pretty good, you know, spot for them to be there and then they re-signed Mike muscala. That was a little bit of a surprise, but they've always liked him. There. They like that, he's dead. You know, that big in there to work with their other young big, so like Alexi books schefsky and those guys. So, I'm just remember if it was one of my, it was one of my favorite like, just offer stated tweets of the night, it just popped back into my head. That when the mic was small thing came across. I remember my tweetdeck is just, you know, going berserk, right? Like a, cuz there's so much going on and I just saw just enough of yours. I think he tweeted something like, like, in response to Mike muscala. You just tweeted like, I mean, okay, or whatever. Like, I guess, I guess that's something like, like that, where it's like, yeah, that's that is it? That's the reaction to Mike muscala, right? They already traded Moses Brown, and Al Horford out. They they added off waivers in case anybody forgotten that had happened in a salary dump from Utah and then Kemba Walker clearly on, they added him. We'll see if you know, maybe one of these teams that misses out on a point, guard gets a little more often. You're sitting Kemba Walker, you know, potentially in a trade as of right now, I would guess know you would that, but you do have the Knicks everything that they did other than resigning, Derrick Rose. They did not add a point guard, okay? Other than Derrick Rose. So you know, let's see what the next few on day two. They've got about seven million more in cap space so that could be targeted at one of these guys who hasn't been signed yet. But yeah well we'll see when we get there Portland Trailblazers their big deal was resigning Norman. Powell five years ninety million so big chunk of change for Norman Powell but don't get robbed. Yeah, refer to as that. Now the Duncan Robinson deal but they added that Macklemore from the Lakers. Like I'm going to be a minimum contract, they're dead. He was going to get squeezed out by think more Shore, things in L and LX. Yeah yeah. That's that's exactly a Wayne Ellington, you know. Yeah we'll talk about we get the Lakers but that's what happened job. But I like that for Portland, they needed somebody who could, you know, knock down some shots and then they added Cody Zeller, he's going to be there new backup, big my guess is they're moving on from enes Kanter? So Zeller world team team up behind Jusuf nurkic there and then they lost Zach Collins. Well, we're going to come back to that one. Yes, we're getting that one. We're going to finish with that verse but yeah, yeah, all right. That's perfect. Well, you should now and I'll go on a rant that's going to be fun to go here. So yeah, I mean, I don't know that any of these moves are get Damian Lillard saying, you know, let me know. You'll be a buy more real estate here in Portland and eventually you'll lock down even further. But you know, it's a start at least you'll.

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