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Yesterday got together Dale. EARNHARDT shouldn't even been messing with me. In the first place is flip the script on him, and was he do wipe is out here's stories. You've never heard before. In a ten part series called the nineteen ninety three seasons at. Marseille said he wouldn't talk to him. So mark goes on to win four races in a row after that you can download it for free on I tunes handed Marin Dot Com right now. This is NASCAR live. Now back to Mike Bagley. Back to Nascar Live Brandon Jones picked up his second win of the season this past weekend in the NASCAR xfinity series Kansas Lottery to fifty at Kansas speedway Moran's woody, Cain talked with Brandon about that win and his run for the title Rand Jones joins us now from Joe Gibbs racing the most recent winner in the xfinity series and Brandon. That has a pretty nice ring to it. I guess for your ears second win of the season. Season you're up to fourth in the standings. And now you get a little breather to enjoy it for a little bit. No kidding man I mean not a better way to end it on off weekend into now to go and take a breath you know Kinda. Go recuperate a bit and That was the longest week five admit I've never actually competed all header like that and you go back in history and you know and. All those guys were that I mean that is just unreal that you know they were able to do that. Put their bodies through that because that was pretty brutal. I mean Kansas was ought. Every single day, and it didn't matter. It feels a nighttime rates for trucks or listen to take. It was all ought so. Reverend my body for that was a big challenge. For coming into that, you know I I try to limit no caffeine at all now. Something way different. I was doing you know in trying to really put a bunch of water in meal electrolytes. On so all that kind of payoff at the end and the two-truck prices I think honestly did out expending race soon as like after the car. You know I knew exactly what why was was working. What wasn't working you know? A lot of differences between all trace and the way the trump drives compared to the community card, but the winds of the tire were were very similar, so. I think that was a pretty good advantage going at race well, let's talk a little bit about the the double triple duty thing about a month ago. You WanNA truck race. And then it seemed like the bad luck just jumped on your back and started punching you in the back of the head. You couldn't get out of anything. It seemed like anybody's way all the wrecks. Wrecks happened right around you, but here lately you had a really good run at Texas and then you get the win at Kansas. Does it feel like you've turned things around I? Mean not that you weren't fast the whole time, but man sometimes lot just as is all over you. Yes, absolutely and I came to Texas. You know I just wanted to finish. Texas I. Mentioned a man. We had a string there that. Is the NFL DNA and just get so frustrating. After a while going back into nothing you can really. Do you know you look like done that better one when the change outcome any and So that was what Texas was all about for me was rebounding. There was some times I could have forced some issues on people I thought I could have been a little bit more aggressive, but I looked at the of them up. You just gotTa Finish race and. Learning anything by not not doing that so We were able to do so there. We had a bunch of speed at Texas just don't think we are in the right place. At the right time, they will track -sition. Coming into Kansas had a bunch of competency. That was the first win for me last year. There um so so as I was studying that raise installed at a bunch come into that race and. We really weren't the dominant car. At times, we were very fast running times get his leader was in. If not better in that race, but I thought it was a halt. We're maybe. Third or fourth place car and Those Restarts Mad. The end it came down to that two times the past two years. And I've worked a lot on that on this off season, and throughout the entire season this year was I embedded those restarts. Now that's where you start. Looking at little details is pit road. It's restarts It's optimized the whole lap after restart. So I think all the all the things that I'm doing is the right direction. And it's it's Kinda showing them pay off for mayor. I think on the Cup side. The Arrow thing is a little bit more pronounced where a guy could get up front and stay there, but even the expenditure series. It seems like most of the action is restart. See, many instances anymore of a guy, just flat, running somebody down and driving away from him. Do you not really? I mean we. We are so close and I think all three series at this point are the top twelve to fifteen man. We run such tight latte times that you know you. You're at the mercy of them messing up pretty much I'm a year trying to pressure them the entire time in slipping, and it's just a tenth of a second each lap and that intially equates to a bunch of a bunch. Bunch of position and so on. If you're just barely optimize the tire in the attract will be better than the guy in front of you. Then you know eventually you're going to get him, but it is crazy and there's times that you know when you're when you're going under ninety two hundred the era so much bigger than you're going on a restart, so that's where you see. Those guys really trying to make a time because the Arrow. Kinda goes out the window on those restarts. Obviously, you see guys side driving art. On restarts, but it isn't as big as when you vote somebody behind him Illinois you know two hundred versus a hundred so on. That's kind of kind of where you see those guys really making moods because car is handled great for restart, so you can make some time there. Then it's GonNa. Be Hard for that guy to pass you when you get on the series. Another big difference to me is the composite body over. Over a year without under our belts, now The cup. Guys say a of times man. We can't keep the vendors off the wheels. When we have just a little minor bit of contact the extremity series you seem to be able to take a lick and keep on rolling. What has been your experience with this composite body? How do you like it? Yeah, I think it's I think it's great man I mean there are. Plenty of times that we've all taken hits that would enter day in the cup series on a percent and. I go back on before these races and watch film from previous rates, and you can actually really start seeing you know people the wall. What is the car in? It's it's very minor and. I've at incidents this year that we've hit the wall couple times or other kept yawn and no issues and eventually. You'RE GONNA. Run into a hard enough. You know the new providence breaking parts break. Suspension components so honestly those things take you out of the race, but yeah I mean he's bodies. These bodies pulled up fairly well and you need. off the alcohol and keep going, and that's great for places like Kansas Homestead. Mean those are all tracks a year. Know up against the fence and you just don't think you can do it without bouncing off the wall if you're going to be competitive, funding your mizen every bit of that track..

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