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I was it was, I think January of seventy nine. To the world. So he was Seventy-seven. What year did he replace Randolph seventy eight world? Is there a couple months in the off season? It was January was that the Bucky dent year. It was that the, the Bucky debt you. Okay. Well, all right. Didn't didn't know about that. Course. Cap knows. Brian Doyle, a successful six degrees there. It is. Maybe go. Now, there's some breaking entertainment news, waiting, by the way, for the Craig kimbrel press conference as soon as that commences at Wrigley field up. We'll bring that to you live on ESPN one thousand but breaking news of the entertainment world, guys. Ladies if you're listening, good news, Bradley Cooper is single. He and Irene ah. I don't know how to pronounce your last name Rina. Fake. Oh, shake. Okay. They called it quits today. Lady Gaga eagerly waits by the phone for the call. But ladies if you're out there Bradley single now for more info, the break-up. Did Bradley ask you come born again? What do you have for us? Degrees. The separation, Bradley Cooper, six degrees to Bradley Cooper, you're the winner today. Yeah. No, I don't. But Bradley Cooper does not drink alcohol. He doesn't do drugs. He lives in exceptionally wholesome spiritual life. And he said, when he's not acting he likes to be home. They have a child together a baby. He said, I like to be home. I'm in touch with my spirituality, I like meditate and just have quiet. Take walks arena likes to be glam as the supermodel. She is likes to go out to clubs likes to go out to parties likes to be on red carpets and have a few cocktails, and Bradley, I ain't gonna fly so they had different goals and priorities on their life plan. And so that is why they are breaking up. How do you know this? I've got sources.

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