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We can't make progress because too many of our countries rules and institutions were designed exclude black people we need real change. It's time to eliminate the filibuster Makdissi. Estate seriously fixed the Supreme Court and Abolish the Electoral College. We must vote in November, but we need a pen of action. Now it's time to finally bill a true equal and just democracy. Paid for by just crecy. We're just GONNA skip straight to the CEELO. And 'cause you always help our listeners with their loved questions. So it's that time. If you have some love questions for our chief officer, Steve Harvey Steve Harvey FM DOT COM, are you ready Sir Stirling? Okay, Carl, you said you had a quick question. Yes, I want you to finish and. He's GonNa. Love my question. Okay. All right. So Carla. All right. So this one, CEELO's from Cornell in Philly. Cornell says I'm dating a beautiful woman that's an attorney we're getting serious but I need your advice on one issue I have with her she loves to talk about herself Brag and boast when we're around others. I've checked her on it and she says it's because she's the first one in her family to accomplish her goals and she's not going to dull her shine to make others comfortable in her presence I get that. But can we just? A little How can I respectfully shoved down in public when she starts fragging well, I think she has to be reminded of just one simple thing. You don't have to dumb it down on D. M. Your shot, but it definitely came all the about such. and. Just doesn't look good in the conversation when you dominate the conversation about. That somebody else told. One more time. Some body else tall. I think we got it Ceelo thank you be in Louisiana says I've been married for four years and my cousins warned me about marrying this horsh man I found out that he's cheating on me, and all I have to do is check his phone to see who he's meeting and where they're meeting I wanNA bust in like they do on the cheaters TV show and have my cousin speed is tale by my cousin's won't do it it because I made it clear that I'm never leaving him no matter what I've always dreamed of being married. So I'm in this forever, I just need him to stop me my parents think I'm crazy for staying. What do you think? He's not going to stop cheating right because what are you going do? You're not going to leave. So if you're not going, you've made it perfectly clear to occurs. What are we've looked at his asphalt? Issue, would you say? Not leaving and you any forever. They warned you not to marry the Horsh. and. You met him anyway without the requirement that you guys were stopped being horace. Well. All you gotta do a check on. Sale. His own where he who? You going to bust you like Cheetahs, and then what you stay withheld plus Rav with chew right she's always dreamed of being married. You married but is it a marriage that you dreamed about? Now is something wrong with you you get him to stop. She wasn't requirement for you for you manage to Kinda crazy right there she watches blood cheaters. On TV to Camera but a very real question. Came Higher Camera crews. The whole Clark. Kent. Again were to go in. We're down here. Is this what you want to? Stay. Here. We folks we were here last Friday. Before last two Saturdays Gold and last book. The same God these different. Here we go. Hey drove how you doing man get it. Hey, no problem. Sheila. Right outside. You will regret here. Crony and everybody step back. Cameras Rolling. Abraham. All right yeah. Come on now. Talaysia in Gulfport. MISSISSIPPI SAYS MARRIED FOR THIRTY YEAH. I've been married. Oh is it but she doesn't live in. Gulfport, Junior. You got a little nervous I've been married for thirteen years and I've loved another man for half of that time. My marriage has run its course and we haven't been intimate in two years and stayed in the marriage for our two children. But now I want out I've had a special friend on the side for six years but we've never had sex what we have friendship and a deep connection without intimacy. He's the most romantic man I've ever known and I get goosebumps whenever I'm with him he says he'll wait for me for ever. If he has to I don't want to stay unhappy in in my unhappy home. Can I get a divorce rate? Yes. You can get a divorce, but I want you to understand something his main listing. He's the most Mantech man is seven years in yellow said. y'All. Ahead into. Indo so That amazing for seven days. Out. Out The second of seven years you haze. Seventy. Eight in with. Joe Me in. The Dude at a wait for you to Reza, he can wait because he busy some winter. So now you get a divorce because your marriage has run cost sound like you've been in two minutes to. Get a divorce, but you might not get what you. I come on Carla you have a question for the CEELO. Actually question for the CPA. That what's that powder taxes? Oh Yeah. Oh, Accountant. Okay. Yeah I was just wondering you know the president paid no income taxes for ten to fifteen years then. And I do recall saying. Go ahead, go ahead CPA come here. He's. He's not paid any tax. He's not paying any taxes. Is As. Well because he's telling you that he has. That are greater than his gains which have offset but explain to me how you still fly around before you president in the trump jet how you steal at Mar-a-lago Down in Florida? You still got them condos and high rises in trump tower. Fixes an folks. Well. Lutheran coming up next church. Complaints Reverend Motown and Deacon Def Jam that's happening right after this you're listening. David. Harvey. Morning Show. 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