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So yeah so you need to be kits it's weird i hope will he has more lives and jeff no not like this year what was the coming out a he's going to be in this detective peek at you movie as well so you're saying wow this kind of seems like a sausage party like are they're not going to be any women in this movie or any like anybody of the opposite gender you like all you know what they got you covered with them on the the the feminine side of things we have this actor this coming from uh something that gertz is a big fan of and something that you may know her from that has nothing to do with movies now i'm going to play this short little mute little video clip it hasn't music going along to it if you know this on your mother walk in the same with the but have not like i'm sure does not know this song uh you can just sit back and enjoy the very beautiful read or new well man just take her anywhere kuna pokomo peak it's uk but as best the lovely read or write there and a third song but you've also seeing her in a least two movies that have come out within the past three years actually meant girts you are massive founded this franchise now you saw her face do you recognize what she is from now okay here's a hint we've seen it recently seen recently yes and i know gert you love this franchise you you love is on visit you showed me this franchise a second generation of this in this franchise at your home.

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