Brian Sanford, Coma, Viral Meningitis discussed on High and Mighty - Episode 107: Live Music w/ Jason Shapiro


Brian sanford is in a coma yet he gosh viral meningitis while we were at the sunni albany luckily none of us else scott it we all take antibiotics through all this crazy ship and he was in a coma in hospital and gives he'd near my college for like six days sixty did he he he recovered from harvard he's out he has like some slight like dyslexia that came from it or whenever he says by yeah we was a fucking wilder and like we always have that we since we enemies are before then we've since seen weaser and we send seen a bunch of shows and like that was just like such an insane undertaking like again to actually albany and say anyone who was at the wizard concert orb a these three buildings should probably go to the cbs and get a like a mega dose of antibiotic that that was one of those really scared i mean that's one of those like scary college things right rural manage i'd just like to many people with two yen things and happening that's true did you actually see reserve within asia's de ever iran were that you want war i did and that would have been perfect for me right my foc and we all know the ones i saw were awful their openers were always awful they had thaking dashboard for one okay yeah have get up kids for another because i liked weaser because it was fun but some people lesar was one of their imo bands and i didn't like that and unlike imo enough though when i saw them an asthma open for them i really allow cosma yes yeah because we are was one of those bans were they were like earlier and then a scene almost like grew around them yes yes that wasn't quite them but.

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