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I think we all agree. That mason rudolph was in the front runner for that number. Two spot dobbs had had to know that this was his last chance and i think that the plan was the dogs will play a full quarter yet. They only gained three yards in that first first quarter and so they had to put him out there in the second quarter and that told everything else so <hes> i dunno i also thought matthew right if he had any chance of making the team did not make the team team after a couple misses tonight of not really long cakes woody as a forty seven yarder and or seven yarder and an extra point and extra point right so thanks for your service chris boswell's over there countless bills as he's going to get that signing bonus tomlin's expression expression when he missed a kick he was just like i guess we got to ask them not playing boswell auto auto night that showed that no matter what it was boswell there was any doubt that would have made him kick tonight and i thought maybe he was kicking in the second half but they're less than two minutes to go. They go out for a field goal. Only time they would have scored in the second half and it was right because i i knew the punters. They didn't happen one one half when the other day so oh. I didn't know if that's what they're gonna do with kickers or not but obviously they didn't can you imagine if boswell kick tonight and missed. Oh my he didn't play him. That's probably why all he missed it. It just it was a player. I want lances lances <hes> opinion opinion of bring it up on the screen here and that's your boy snails a._l. Right then he he has no jet says elton john sang exam. No no jets did they earn a spot on this team. I don't think so but pedigree alone. He'll make it. I mean he's being protected by that. P <hes> the pedigree. He's he's not a good player at this point but i think they'll be patient with him. Which is another p and the only way you get. The patients is because the pedigree but i don't think he's a good player he can't i i mean yes getting with bo bidding. No jets and i mean you saw the play where he had to run where they popped it out to the <hes> to the boundary. If he makes the guy miss he probably gets a thirty forty yard gain. He just can't make guys miss. He has no lateral quickness. I mean he he stumbles. He loses balance when he moves laterally. He's an average dude. <hes> edmonds is not great but evans is better physically and i mean if it if if your biggest asset as a running back is that you tackle guys on special teams you're not a good running back benny snell l. aka no jets no jets benny has no. It's all right date. Here's another player wanna hear your opinion on and that's zach gentry. What are your thoughts on. What are they going to do. This guy fifth round draft pick michigan. He did catch a touchdown passing what week one i think yeah other than that i gave them a one interception because if it wasn't for him fumbling around and keeping it on keeping it off the ground somehow not even trying to they wouldn't have even had that my biggest concern with gentry was i've so just wanted the i was in the middle of typing something to you guys at one point and attacks and i said not gonna bother to say are titans can't block after you know beyond vance vance. Mcdonald obviously didn't play tonight. They and grumble is out. There was he. I didn't seem at all if it wasn't for very long yeah beyond that they can't block and gentry all it was there was times where there was pressure in the first half that you could see. They're like oh that came off. The end gentry just released he. Didn't i mean you've got. You've got a chip the end if you're going to release his tight end i mean unless you're there trying to do something quick to free you up and he just was now. I'm not a fan of what i saw tonight..

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