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Let's get a look at our traffic and foggy weather together here's doing the hearty yeah I've been foggy all morning long I've got a little bit of a slow down on the inbound side of two forty nine and that's going to be right around mills road it doesn't last too long now if you're traveling the abounds at a sixty nine the southwest there is a little bit of a backup coming off of the Westpark tollway and that's because we had earlier problem over those ramps all come together and right before you get to run away wait did clear that out of the way so should be getting better soon I was really hard in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center one more day of clouds and rain but the dryer air starts to move in late tonight what a gorgeous weekend we will see today though eighty percent chance that you'll see some rate low to mid sixties tomorrow partly cloudy mild low to mid sixties Saturday plenty of sunshine and temperatures lot of its sixty Saturday a Gerry Smith from the weather channel right now it is foggy still sixty one at the K. tear each top tax offenders twenty four hour weather center it is eight oh one in our top story today did you know it's national returns day you PS four one bracing to accept twenty six percent more returned gifts to retailers over last year now shopping expert Serra Skirball says check the dates on your receipts make sure you know the window of when you need to return something so if it has forty five days and you buy it early November you don't get to see your family is a late December you might not necessarily be able to return something gifts worth an estimated one hundred billion dollars that's what's being returning here's hoping maybe you're not paying credit card interest for gifts someone else is already sent back a northeast use a man says he was hit by seller Pretoria gunfire a new.

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