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He there carleen and happy birthday by one day when this episode comes out you're going to be another year older and wiser or younger. Thank you very much yes. I'm counting backwards now. And of course you know we do record these a little bit in advance so right now as you're listening to this i am camping and then going to a cottage. I'm getting out of city and going with friends bringing the dog having drinks. I'm so excited. Just i'm so here for well. I'm gonna guess that you're to be beside a pool uh-huh and i guess one item. It's definitely going to be in your overnight bag. That's prime exciting. Absolutely so guys everyone. We are launching our first ever breaking beauty merch and surprise. Were not starting with t shirt. We're starting with scrunchy yay. They are yet drummer. All these are so soft. They honestly feel like the underside of a bunny. Bunny's bali and they're in the perfect summertime pink. But what i really love is that they are terry. Every you know how much terry i've bought this summer. This is just listens my aesthetic. I've got lake terry. Shorts a jumpsuit. The works and the best part about the scrunchy. I think joe you'll probably agree with me. Is that it comes in three sizes. Yeah and you know we are pretty picky about what we think is damn good and i would save you. Scrunches are damn good. I know you're listening. You're going. I have a million crunchies. I don't need another one. That's what i thought too. And then we got these. So there's the baby. One which i think is better. If you have fine hair and like half up op. Dues like yes. I use it for absolutely and then there's the medium sized scrunchy which is i'd say it's just of like the regular size right yet. Then my favorite. Which is the jumbo size. And i am not joking when i say it's the size of my face in the size of a personal size pizza and you guys. It is like so useful by the pool or by the beach. I put it in my hair at the beach really thick longer hair. It's terry so it's absorbing it doesn't pull your hair doesn't tug on it like do i sound like i'm on the shopping channel yet but you know i have to say it really. Is that damn good. And i am wearing it everywhere. I'm trust me when you guys you know by one or you wearing it yourself. Somebody's gonna ask you. Where did you get that. Where'd you get that because it is so unique in terms of the size and the functionality of it like i'll put it up and then not only. Is it like sort of air. Dry helping my hair towel dry as it were near dry. 'cause it's terry but my hair is less frizzy and that it has the sort of like soft bend in it when i you out. That's the breaking beauty news. We're going to link to where you can buy it in our show notes and on our instagram. It's in the deer media shop and if you do purchase one we would love to see you wearing it out in the wild tag up breaking beauty for a chance to be featured on our instagram. Absolutely let's talk about some other breaking beauty news. We have the perfect guest host with us today from eyewitness beauty podcast is co hosted by nick axelrod welk and any creek bomb. We have them here. They're podcast is all about the biggest stories in the beauty industry every week so we basically grilled them on like what is popping off this summer. They've got their ear to the ground. What we need to know like predictions for fall. All of it. Yeah and they're just so legit. Nick is the co founder of the body care and.

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