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Case of a man accused of causing havoc at the Westfield ball in century city. Last Friday, Los Angeles Police Department chief Michael Moore says the suspect nNcholas oats is a disgruntled Amazon employees who targeted the Amazon store today. This matter was presented to the district attorney's office where just Jackie Lacey's personnel filed six counts of arson against Mr. as well as one count of burglary and assault with a deadly weapon charge. The chief says oats set fire to books and the children's section and pointed a gun at an employee causing a massive accusation of the century city mall. More says oats has confessed Kevin trip. KABC news to celebrities named in the massive college cheating scandal are hiring lawyers. Laurie laughlin. If liberty Huffman are accused of shelling out big dollars as bribes yet their kids into some of the best colleges in the country. The former full house star is hired in attorney. Who is the former head of the Justice Department's Enron task force and the former desperate housewife reportedly hired a high priced lawyer based in Boston. Meanwhile, there are now reports says say boffins daughter Livia Jane was having trouble with her USC application, someone filled it out for her California. Governor Gavin Newsom recently ordered a moratorium on the death penalty. But for one victim, the wait for Justice is cruel and unusual punishment Melena sellers Phillips nine year old son Jonathan and another boy were murdered in nineteen Ninety-three. Scott her skin was linked to the crime through DNA evidence and was convicted and sentenced to death in two thousand three Phillips says the governor doesn't understand what happened to my son happened to their child. I can promise you that. They will not they will just send them back to jail, which is their home and life in prison for Erskine is not sufficient punishment for Phillips. He did not have a right to live and this is not vengeance. It just gets Melena sellers. Phillips was a guess. On the morning drive. I'm Jeff wiggle KABC news, Los Angeles County sheriff is making more controversial moves Shariff, Alex FINA. Wave reportedly asked his second in command to step down because he wants a sworn officer in the physician assistant sheriff timra commie has been promoted to Undersheriff and is taking over immediately being away. It's no stranger to making abrupt MU see replaced nearly the entire executive team and demand. Hundreds of other senior department managers reapply for their positions since taking office in December. And a man was arrested for attempted murder after a stolen car slammed into twenty four hour gym in LA mirada early Tuesday morning and police are investigating the possibility that the crash was intentional due to a grievance helped by a former member in KABC sports, the Lakers, Milwaukee they're playing without outlook. Ron the clippers are off in in baseball. The angels are finalizing a massive four hundred and thirty million dollar contract extension with Mike trout. They're all star outfielder for twelve years. According to reports. In so Cal by their tonight showers and a low fifty five tomorrow occasional rain throughout the day..

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