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Jemima, This video posted Monday receiving more than one million views. Found Chris Rut. A white man got the name after attending minstrel show. Think Black face today. Black lives matter people. Even the breakfast. In a statement to NBC, News quaker oats writing part we recognize and Jemima's origins are based on a racial stereotype, while work has been done over the years to update the brand in a manner intended to be appropriate and respectful. We realize those changes are not enough. In the wake of nationwide protests in growing calls for equality, many companies are facing increased scrutiny about similar logos that some fine racist and offensive professor Richardson says big brands like Nascar. Banning the confederate flag is a good start, but that there is still plenty of work to do. It is urgent to expunge our public spaces of a lot of these symbols that. Know for some people are triggering and represent terror and abuse. On Monday quaker OATS parent company. Pepsi announced a four hundred million dollars set of initiatives over five years to lift up black communities and increased black representation at Pepsi. In addition the company says the Aunt Jemima brand will donate five million dollars to create meaningful support and engagement in the black community guys or the first aunt. Jemima was a woman named Nancy Green born a slave in eighteen, thirty four, and she was paid, and she died in eighteen ninety, but let purely are remarkable life. Active in gave a bunch of money to charity but her family did not see the world from you know the generations at us. They're like. Yeah, it's definitely time for that. Right Any comments on that for brother. Yeah. He's like. There was a photo that was being disseminated around face booger. Of A lady that appears to be a woman of color, holding a played a flat jacks chained to a table I. Know? Here. Real, quick. I can't go, she'd she, doesn't she? She kind of kept people from doing that. Call. Send you the whole flip in article. Once you see the picture, you'll say. Oh, yes, that's floating around facebook. You probably will face booker,.

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