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Tonight, the low near sixty five. Here's a crazy headline that I just saw pop up on. On the drudge report. I don't even know what to make. I just read this article. Yeah. I pope Francis confirms priests abuse of nuns, included, sexual slavery. Nuns have suffered and are still suffering sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests and bishops and even being held as sexual slaves. The scope of the abuse of nuns first came to light with the publication at the beginning of February of the monthly magazine. Women's Church World. Thank you found the article. The addition included Francis his own take on the scandal, which apparently has long been known about by the Vatican. But virtually never discussed. Had you ever heard this? In suspicions of it for years of sex slavery of nuns, raping of non Jabareen articles, recently, it's been coming out a lot more as a kind of check in and out of I never heard this before I've heard about priests having affairs with women priests having homosexual affairs. But I never heard of bishops and priests that had sexual slaves called the I don't know about this. I've been here about rapes in an abortion rally. The addition included Francis zone take on the scandal in which he blamed the unchecked power wielded by priests and higher clergy across the Catholic church for such crimes. An AP journalist who first reported on the scandal last year asked pope Francis on his flight home from the Arabian peninsula today. Whether enough was being done by the church hierarchy to address the problem, the pontiff conceded that it was a problem and said more action was needed. He said the problem was not new and that the church had been working to address it for some time. What? What I I'm still like. A papal spokesperson confirmed later to CBS news that the order of nuns that was dissolved under Benedict who apparently had the courage to dissolve a female congregation because this slavery of women had entered it slavery, even to the point of sexual slavery. That the order of nuns that was dissolved under Benedict as pope prior to this pope was the community of Saint John in France. The reason the order was dissolved had not previously been made public back in two thousand and five the first year Pope Benedict served as the head of the church. And pope Francis said that he was a man who had the courage to do many things on this topic. What? Somebody helped me. And then this guy Francis told reporters that the church shouldn't be scandalised by this. And there are steps in a process, and we are working on it. Shouldn't be scandalised other. The abuse of nuns comes after years of revelations of clergy abusing children. Mostly boys is their congregations across the globe and senior clergy members covering up these crimes. Pope Francis warned that expectations for upcoming landmark Vatican summit on clergy sexual abuse should be deflated as the problem was unlikely to be resolved through it. So he's lowering expectations on what the church is going to do. Inspite of a string of revelations about the church covering this stuff up. You know? I'm sorry. I really am. I'm sorry. But that I never have, you know, done a full court press like a lot of people in in on the air and media about the Catholic church because I believe there's always going to be sexual abuse and sexual scandals everywhere and every time, but this seems a little like over the top, right? How does that happen? How do you have sexual slaves? Being abused by clergy who are nuts. Ah? Have to take some time to wrap my mind around this. I just saw the headline was enough to. Yeah. To to send me crazy. Government workers busted as they got on a cruise ship here at the port of my Abby to sell drugs. Two government contractors from DC were intercepted by federal agents on a Sunday as they tried to board a cruise ship with an array of drugs they plan on selling to passengers. Their downfall. According to police intercepted emails in which the two discussed their plan a government issued computers. Police said both men were government contractors, though, their arrest reports don't say which agency employed them the homeland security special agent who intercepted the emails said their strategy was to smuggle the narcotics into the ship and distribute it once on board the ship. What's happening to my country? This is just one headline after another. At the stories. Just get worse and worse and worse. And that's why I say this is a moral crisis in America. Forget about. You know, pol- political crises forget about people who are racist or not racist or pose for racist pictures or sexually assaulted forget. All that stuff. It really start looking at the big picture of how we don't have any boundaries anymore any morality imagine, you're sitting at a government computer, and you're sending emails back and forth about selling our products on a cruise ship. I wouldn't said that kind of Email on a on any employers, computer. Would you? Nevermind, a government, computer. I just. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But I keep reading these kinds of diminishing a values. And it's no surprise to me that we are are having the problems that we're having in society. It's not racism, it's morality, it's not, you know, the metoo movement. It's it's just rampant. Immorality people have been living. Like, there's no God for so long that. You just have to throw your hands up. Sometimes. Age sex slaves in the church government workers selling drugs on cruise ships. And that's just too recent headlines, right? The list goes on and on and on. That's why when I see, you know, Maxine Waters says stopping around screaming turn your TV off during the state of the union address. I wanna I wanna throw up, you know, maybe instead of encouraging people to not be civic by did you ought to work on improving the perception that people have of their govern government, including you. Did have some military drills that rocked downtown, Los Angeles. They're all kinds of weapons civilizations. My son told me about this that stuff scares me. But what they did it in Fort Lauderdale, and all of a sudden, you got all those helicopters riding and whatnot. Apparently Monday night. What they there were a lot of people complaining on social media. I was texting with my son. And he said, well, there's this going on. Well, what what do you mean this up going on this? I call these like armed vehicles. Going downtown. It was part of a US army training exercise involving aircraft and weapons simulations in urban settings. And they say they told them that this is going to run through Saturday in L A and Long Beach. Kind of scary. They're supposed to notify residents before this stuff happens, but they did notify. Anybody that we know my son was like on Twitter trying to figure out what's going on. Members of the US army will conduct military trading in the greater L A and Long Beach areas February fourth through the ninth. The purpose of the training is to enhance soldier skills by operating in various urban environments and settings this training is coordinated with the appropriate state county and city officials as well as private property owners safety precautions have been implemented to prevent unnecessary risks to both participants and or area residents of property. What about all the homeless people living in Los Angeles. How do you think they're gonna take it when the the black helicopters come swooping in their paranoid enough? They hear voices coming out of you know, at a benches at a park benches, and now they got special forces in helicopters flying overhead. I could just see the psychiatric wards have every major hospital in Los Angeles. Right. Loyd had mercy. These are the days as they say. All right. We're gonna take our final break come back. And I'm going to give you my little pre pre limb to the state of the union address. And what I think you will hear and what I'm afraid you won't here tonight..

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