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Kelo news time 402 from the kelocom new center i'm mark reach so here we go again the federal government scheduled or run out of money late tomorrow republican senator mike grounds blames the democrats it appears that democrats have indicated that they want to see whether or not we can actually get our tactical through what the impact on that will be and so far they have not been willing to negotiate with our leadership team rounds as things were supposed to be different this time as he announced he was resigning for the us senate minnesota's al franken today also took a swipe at president trump i of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault fits in the oval office south dakota will have to with the tax table both john thune and christy gnome will be on the conference committee working out differences between the house and senate tax reform bills them says everyone's on the same team headed toward the same end zone the pat star walkout at sioux falls city council this week had callers talking on the greg belford show this morning could come down there and one of worker your opinion cut off by the mirror our councilmember gonna get another one thumping nobody can move in at what they want to do creating two last cam because it takes three hours claim citizens weren't given enough time to talk about the downtown parking ramp project so he walked out in protest there are no longer any members of the south dakota pearl harbor survivors association they're used to be more than 50 time marches on the last of those heroes to leave us was in 2012 december seventh it's pearl harbor day from the.

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