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To be better consistently uh so it's really you're hitting it said we've stretch where you want to be healthier we need to be sharper and you just need to play better you mentioned the saints game uh you know we've also seen this lions team win and lose a game and the same play against the falcons but that being said the the matters is moving forward again they are uh three in three vikings on top of the nfc north danny at five and to they've won three in a row you got the packers in the detroiters and about the bears break ahmad they've won two in a row they are three and four it is there for the taking my friend chelsea enough that has got to be easy the rest of the way with any of those teams but like i said you you've already got one against minnesota at their place that could could be a hopeful tiebreaker down the line and then you've got them coming to europe thanksgiving he got to chicago to with green bay everything you need to do is in front of you okay you you control your road guest today and that's all you can ask for now question is what do you do with that and i think that's what we're to find out over the next ten weeks and you get back to work danny with some drama sunday night football the steelers as we mentioned in then right after that monday night football at lambeau with the packers about that yeah it will be five i mean this is what you want this you want opportunities you'd have to play the teams that you have to beat you you know ultimately you're chasing somebody at this point while you're gonna see the all timothy teams are chasing you at this point what you're gonna see them too so you know it's like i said it it's gonna be fun uh i think this team is good enough to get this thing done but they need to played better and more consistently the what we've seen over the sick first sticks gave their best it's been pretty good their worst hasn't be good enough and the inconsistency is what can get in trouble this week here here all right danny boy thank you very much for.

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