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While offering the same security functionality you've come to trust learn more at Palo alto networks dot com it's twelve twenty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks updating the situation on I. seventy in Maryland this is westbound I. seventy after Marion's ville road the accident activity at one point had all your lanes blocked due to the medevac on the scene from the crash now it is just a single right side getting by possibly just that far right exit lane getting you by and around the crash the delays on westbound I. seventy or well after twenty nine but well before Marion Phil road trying to head pass there you'll also find a delay eastbound eastbound is just a rubbernecking delay with the lanes open we still have the volume a north bound I ninety seven no longer coming up every fifty but after receipt you'll hit the brakes as you head through the work zone that takes you toward one seventy eight in crowds really single right lane gets by the work old gunpowder road between Briggs Chaney road into twelve powder mill road the downed wires had you under redirection also we had an earlier reckon Fort Washington north bound to ten year old fort road north of Livingston square watch for the activity left over there Goshen road stuff for school road traffic was alternating for the work zone we also have alternating traffic for work on the hearing nice mac Middleton bridge this might have delays on three oh one in either direction and the eastbound span of the bay bridge the left lane of two gets by the work northbound to seventy after one twenty one a single right lane gets by the cons there in Virginia no major backups eastbound and westbound sixty six at speed even with any work zones along that stretch southbound ninety five near six thirty in Stafford the work taking the right lane without a delay westbound sixty six on the ramp to monument the earlier vehicle fire should be put out any spot Liberia Avenue it Euclid Avenue you were under police direction for the work I read a Tessler WTOP traffic scattered showers out there today otherwise cloudy skies with highs only in the fifties to near sixty once.

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