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Military to abandon President, Nicolas Maduro and allow tons of aid to flow into Venezuela from neighboring countries the US has warned that it is prepared for anything should the military block the aid Interpal impair news Caracas in Chicago. Police say empire actor jussie smollet is now considered a suspect for filing a false. Police report is attorneys met today with prosecutors and detectives the African American actor who's gay told police in late January he was attacked and beaten by two masked men who use racial, and homophobic insults and put a noose around his neck police official says small lettuce suspected of lying. About being the victim of a hate crime. A new report from the southern poverty Law Center. Fines number of active hate groups has reached a record high with a surge in one particular category, white nationalist, Heidi by Rick keeps track of the group's for the s p l c and says the rise is closely linked to the current administration's embrace of policies considered anti immigrant this time period dovetails with Trump's campaign, and then his presidency a period that has seen a thirty percent increase in the number of these groups stocks finished modestly higher on Wall Street. You're listening to NPR news from geeky weedy news. I mean, akin there's huge untapped potential for energy just off the coast of California. And a new report says developing it could create thousands of jobs KiKi. Dee science editor. Craig Miller says it's not but wind giant floating wind turbines could technically meet all of California's electricity needs. And then some that's Cording to the report from several organization. Including Humboldt state university lead, author Mary Collins says it would help balance the needs of the state's electrical grid, we need resource diversity. So we have a lot of solar on our Greg. Well, you know, the sunsets. And offer wind is a great pair to that. Because the winds pick up while the sun is coming down Collins who heads up the Berkeley based American jobs project says the government is about to open up leasing in federal waters and full-blown wind development offshore could create more than seventeen thousand jobs by twenty forty five. She also says the floating turbans would be out of sight from shore. I'm Craig Miller. News. San francisco. Bike advocates are calling for two thousand more bike racks to be placed on city streets. Supervisor Rafael Mandal men says the city has reserves of bicycle racks in storage that could be put to use. Brian Weeden Meyer is the executive director of the bicycle coalition in San Francisco because of our high rate of theft locking things to Iraq is necessary. And that's not just true for people's own personal bikes. It's true for shared scooters and ductless bike share. We have the racks. Now, it's time to install them. Weeden? Meyer says more racks.

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