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Formularies six seasons sparked into life of the double header on the streets of dairy. We are in Saudi Arabia. Last Friday and Saturday races and victory shared by Sandberg and Alexander. Sims I'm your host Joel which those of you listening to this podcast. Based on the odds will be also used to. But this is a crossover episode. That's also running in the fate of Motorsport Networks New Formula E. podcast current affairs so for those listening listening that consider me a guest host but the very good news is that regular host. Alex Kalinowka SSS is a deter direct from Saudi Arabia. You doing well Alex. Hi Ed Right yes doing very well thank you. We're approaching ninety lock after the race haven't crashed yet as in crash retired. Nagoya planes. Catch tonight and yeah just yeah thank you. You'll so have also sports technical editor Jake Boxer Lake with you saw applies to ask. If there's any imminent puns that we should be bracing ourselves. Foale Jake I they of GonNa feel you lined up Now there is one the I submitted a story with earlier. The Alex definitely enjoyed all I enjoyed. It didn't make unsuitable DOT COM coming. Why perhaps on your editor Jack Dozens? Maybe he just didn't didn't didn't agree with that was crackle because you could have flight to catch fairly shortly so thanki. The big question was what the competitive order would be looking at qualifying Andretti. BMW W. saying the that led the way with exotic Sims. He converted one of those polls in Sir victory in the second race some bird took the first victory and Audi powered envision virgin virgin so is that stoppage those teams as the as the teams to beat or is as is always the case it not quite that simple. It's a bit of a bit of as always is the case. It's not quite at simple but I think one thing we can be failure of his. The sound bird proved the Audi packages very very good. Because he I think he just dominated yesterday he resumed course course not only did he talk the group qualifying the race. He should have been opposition ready but he messed up his qualifying just went out onto the real dusty slippery Jack and through all the way there but then race through in the race even even when he wasn't in attack mode in the highest power mode he was still able to keep up with the other leaders and I think he just really showed he was on form. They're coming into the next day he did absolutely early could he qualified seventh. Which is one spot out superpower? Then he got involved in instant in the race but he was still coming forwards and he looked like he was gonNA write in the mix we've BMW. They started off in race one of as they did last year got pole position but then actually looked like they were going to lose out because they were over consuming energy and that is what what happened in the SIMS got overcome by those following in behind him then they worked an overnight those feudal things I try to the team principal. Griffey said the seems woke up this morning. Great frame of mind talks about how he could defend how he could approach that energy manager. It's like different multiple factors and just held it together in for a truly chaotic race The feelings to flag is the Possibly he was not lucky get position he is a tremendous lap including a terrific four wheel drift coming out. Turn Seventeen Bassey that many collect a bit of an open goal for people behind him and they they all missed particularly Antonio it's the cost of distal Cheetah rapid practice was up on seems in the first sector on the Super Bowl. Ah then he threw it away and turned seventeen even more than anybody else and yeah costuming was mired in the pack and then had a very An interesting race. Let's say that woman sure we'll get into that later certainly Pretty eventful if we look at the first race sambat battled his way through really really strong drive for a Sim. Mm sort of got shuffled back. The other way didn't he have a couple of wheel-banging incidents that's The chaplain batch. It should feel unlucky with what happened. There was it was he i. I think he was quite the first incident when he lost the lead. He was fairly Sensible says well that's just cut what happens. Yeah he's a pretty pragmatic blake and he. He's not so persons. Kick up a fuss over nothing but what I would say from the first launch on TV. It looked a little bit iffy. But then we've Sambas docking Stoffel van Dorn and then Van Duyne actually actually turn defence into attack and moved against seems. There was a little clock touch a little bit of a clash. Van Duyne said it's nothing in the grand scheme of things for me but yeah I think The series didn't even look at it so yet not even not even don't even have to call is raising. Instant Egypt's is just one of those things seems to his credit. Just said Yeah. I moved to defend to liked fairplay. Kraken I guess he was just out by it because it did like a defensive move kind of almost by chance became an attacking move by van. Absolutely absolutely yeah great. Great Driving in the second race Sophie had ot how to deal with multiple safety corey starts but as As Roger Gifford said actually actually happening behind him only had to do was keep calm and carry on. And he's very very good at that and see the the second was if Ruben friends I think classroom later on as well those two more. Does that send Nick Nick. Decrease Science Feinstein's did get by but yes he was that there was ah again. I asked him about that and he said No. It was a family of bowed late. Nothing nothing nothing untoward Anna again. Happy to happy to let that one go completely and I suppose encouraging that it's Zyppah bounce back and win the next day but burt really did like a bit. Of A unstoppable force in that race in the coming through even from the APSO the rice he looked like a possible winner even though he had a lot of a lot of work today so I could erase. Her is clearly at a serious package. Absolutely and I'm very pleased because although I being honest probably changed my mind on this multiple times and predicted various different people would win. Yes yes they stop clock right. Wow wow very odd. That was and now had more our own poll employment to in race one and Abbotabad in in a conversation. I was party to with Mark Webber. Who is here being apportioning ambassador? This weekend I did. Actually I said we're now seeing the Great Samba thousand tip and it paid off so you know they meet very good anyway. Yeah he he. He just looked terrific he he sees he went on to see. The initiative went on the attack with the attack made accusations. Use them positively of every attack mode activation. There is the risk the even if you use it to get by or to get close to someone else when Danes earn. Take it you're vulnerable to attack but it didn't seem to faze bird and in fact as I said earlier he was able to stay with the team Mercedes Eddie's reiver's and seems ipad even when they attack mode and he wasn't that package. I mean Jake but did you. What did you make of how the car looked and things on well in testing testing? They are member in the second loss of race simply solve simulation race that they ran The yeah the fake Tacoma's. Let's see virgin envisioned version cause Dade something very very different to everybody else. They run a higher. They saw pushed a little bit more as if it was going to be the race and then put in a few laps from the end and they treat it like it was that was more representative of a race in relation rather than trump around. Doing I think it was one minute. Twenty days whatever around Valencia that was less representative for them and obviously we know balloons here is not representative. Track the former marine environment The area he presec. It is very very different. Catholic fish indeed But they just seem to. I have this confidence yet. These two calls just really well especially compared to the works. Audi causes well MCI Yeah but was unstoppable. He he sweeps to victory off. We're GONNA say so does predicting sort of seen that not many times in press releases thought sweeps needed to enter the conversation. I very very wise wherever it was designed quickly just mentioned the track conditions on for the first last night for the first race there about eighty percent. New Asphalt was was installed around the area track because they had to actually insert proper drainage after last year or the practice sessions got cancelled sued because when he unexpectedly reigned in the desert and yet what that meant was that everybody arrive having done spent the summer simulating they track for the host am. I'm going to different especially off line. When you add in the desert sand and the Dustin the the stuff that will come in overnight in between sessions and it was just perilous Hera off line? People with drivers are saying it was like driving on ice it was like it was worse than driving in the wet healers and speaking to to actually doing coming feature on invasion vision virgin and their new simulated that bill to their service done basically track with their technical director. Chris gone and he was saying. Look at these things in to me. In general but particularly in this situation nation is the drivers that can adapt that will thrive and bird which is on it. They both both him and stop the practice sessions on day one that verging car was was well situated You know in uh-huh conditions eight thousand and of course in the second race bird did look like a threat as well. But then you have clashed with with Mitch Evans which earned on the penalty. For how how did you see that again. And that was a kind of attack from birth then turned into a to kind of defend and then he just ended up being kind of in the wrong position on the outside and a very narrow our cooler. Yeah he was trying to take advantage of Costa's attack on successful attack on elitist into the first corner and he just sort of I think he got out wide onto the white line as as even even though there was more rubber. Lay Down for the second rates. Pretty perilous out their checks. Plus the momentum Evans stuck his nose in Beaufort he was ahead. I spoke to Sam in the in. The media. Afterwards Jackie's Bites and Mitch. I think there's a if there was agreement on some things in disagreement on some others but unfortunately actually as a result of of something I mean. It was clear that that raised on the on the track for for quite a long time since F. B. Two on the first day 'cause that's actually quite a crucial bit for this Leo Incident with the drainage and the manhole covers that were had been inserted into the track on some of them. The asphalt was breaking up particularly at one at this very point. Join on two and four. So she moved the barrier out physically altered the track made it more very starting over pinch point and narrowed it down and that is exactly where when Evans has got his nose. alongsides lights Sambas Railway. It was. That's where they in so I don't know how much oxidizer said they would have rights passed it multiple times since he's worth noting that was interesting but some yet what he what the Mitch think of the incident. Well he felt the penalty was very very harsh indeed He was given a drive through Bouncy as a result of that instant. And and I think looking on the bounce for six of one half dozen of the other Evans solely opportunity and went for it. Bird wanted to defend obviously all ended up in tears and it didn't benefit oil the driver in either situations then that had no effective Pasco Valen coming steaming Dan and into bed but crucially. I think they're birds of suggested the instant wasn't his fault and he would say it was more in Evans's Cole. He didn't want to blame the driver for them. Say let's quite nice isn't it And Televisa one invalid and I think he said there was nothing he could do. Trying to to to to handle the car. Especially Kid after the Evan Evans clash and certainly there's plenty of drive a C.. Could get a position..

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