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Changes the whole dynamic of the entire pile of rubble. But it is a very unsafe thing to do so we do have to take our time, Brown says. Until told Otherwise. This remains a rescue operation. Jasmine Garza NPR NEWS, SURFSIDE, Florida In the months before the Champlain Towers south partially collapsed. The president of the condominium association alerted residents at the 40 year old building structure had become worse and Jean what Nikki's letter obtained by NPR residents are informed that Extensive repairs are needed and would cost much more than previously thought. In 2018. The repair estimate was at least $15 million. An NPR investigation finds low income disaster survivors are less likely to receive some types of crucial disaster assistance. NPR's Rebecca Herscher reports of federal government has been aware of the disparity since at least 2019. After a hurricane, wild fire or other disaster. Many people rely on the federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA for help, but poor people are less likely to receive some types of basic housing assistance after disasters. That's according to internal analyses conducted by FEMA and obtained by NPR through a public records request. As a result, low income disaster survivors often struggle to find stable housing and are more likely to be displaced or face long term health and financial impacts. FEMA says providing equitable assistance is a top priority. The agency is seeking feedback about how its programs serve people of different demographics. Rebecca Herscher NPR news Tropical Storm Enrique is losing strength as it heads closer to resorts on the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula. It's forecasted skin passed or passed over portions of the southern tip of how later today or tomorrow over the weekend. The storm was the first hurricane of the Eastern Pacific season. The Dow is up 78 points since the Open. This is NPR news. It's 71 degrees at 11 04. I'm Araceli Gomez Saldana with W B easy news. A retired firefighter who was a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame was killed during a weekend robbery and Gary Wallace Wally Broadnax was shot Saturday at a gas station as he was returning to his car. He was 70 years old. Broad next was on Roosevelt High School 1968 State championship team and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1993. Gary Mayor Jerome Prince says he's heartbroken and disgusted over the slaying. Princess. Two teens are in custody brought next worked for the Gary Fire Department for more than 25 years. He's the 21st homicide victim and Gary this year. For now. Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker is steering clear of any state role in a possible Chicago Bears moved to Arlington Heights. Earlier this month, the team announced it put in the bid to buy the land now occupied by Arlington International Race course for a possible stadium. The governor says the question of where the team eventually winds up playing is in private hands. That's not something we're looking at. Right now. I think.

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