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Jared alad NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w person's been killed in a motorcycle crash. This morning in Monroe police say the victim was on a bike. I ran into a parked car on Holly tree drive maintenance work will close the Lytle tunnel downtown tonight and again tomorrow night. We'll have a department of transportation will shut down south seventy one at the tunnel at ten and it will stay closed until eight o'clock tomorrow morning. No access to fort Washington way or to south seventy five Bengals off to a to start to the season. After a win last night over the ravens Menon stretch jumped out to a big lead early after three touchdown passes from Andy Dalton day Jay grain and they held on for the win. The secondhand learning. We're growing only to go early. In the season. But we came out here tonight and played pretty solid in all three phases. Spangles head coach Marvin Lewis last time. The team started the season with back to back wins was two thousand fifteen Bengals ended up winning eight in a row to start that year finish twelve and four for the season in first place in the AFC north Red Stripe. Play spoiler this weekend. In chicago. The cubs are clinging to a game and a half lead over the brewers atop the NFL central airtime tonight at seven oh, five news is a service of Queen city sausage. Our next update at nine thirty on NewsRadio. We're here from one eight hundred gotjunk. Wow. That was fast. It is one eight hundred guy junk. Well, we've definitely one eight hundred got some junk seal that stuff in the yard. Yes, sir. We're moving, and that's just part of the stuff. We're not taking we're happy to help, sir. There's even more inside who do something for me, ma'am. Like, what would you wave your arm across the yard raven? How exactly like you were scattering seed in a field like this? Wow. How did that was fun? You said there was more inside. But, but, but it disappeared just pointed the things you wish would disappear, ma'am. If I wave my arm again, does it all disappear. Give it a try..

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