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Benjamin here's i believe is her love interest. You know what. I'm most excited about about this movie. Tell me that it was written. By our powell. Julie sherman walls look. This is one hundred percent. The reason why. I will be tuning into this movie because i love julia sherman wolf. We interviewed her. Here on the podcast. I will drop a link to that in our show notes. But i love the way she writes. She writes for me like i get jokes. I love it so i am definitely definitely watching. This one and this movie is set in the town of avon connecticut. The first movie of january which was taking a shot at love. You you see why. I wanna call taking the reins taints of left Also was set and filmed in that town. Jewish german wealth lives in connecticut herself. This is the town that made wendy think. Hey i'm gonna move to a small town and we're going to run a coffee cart. Yes yes yes yes so. This story is. Olivia is connecticut's resident expert on evergreens. Who just days before. The holiday agrees to help jack fourth generation christmas tree farmer in avon. The mysterious illness has befallen their first causing them to die out and threatening his family's hundred-year-old business hold on wait for the wait for the pun as olivia tries to get to the root of the problem and ends her stay in town she and jackson more time together and feelings began to develop a love a christmas tree farm christmas movie. I'm excited for this. I know the answer to this. But is this a skip or is this a watch. Oh this is a watch for me. One hundred percent watch for me. I love the idea of christmas tree farm too. I think mysterious illnesses with trees is very believable. Yeah i'm super into it. I don't. I can't tell you that i've ever seen danika mcculler in any other hallmark movie. I know she's been in a ton. I don't really know her as an actress other than the wonder years. So don't know about casting so much. But i am excited about the story and the setting same same yay next.

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