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When you're at craft and then you graduate cooking school and they start letting you cook in that kitchen. Is there anything that you recognize? Oh I do have a knee sheer. No it's not a niche. It is very much a rigid caste. You're the lowest person there and you have to work your way up till you get to the top and I saw very early on my role was I. GotTa do whatever they tell me to do. Right and what I learned though was it wasn't an aptitude. I wasn't naturally gifted at it. But what I saw about cooking. That was very appealing to me was man if if I do this every day I get better at it right well. The golfing was probably great training for this in a way because it very much yeah. Golf is such a baby steps baby. Step Bay just Mike. Rowe improvements over years. It taught me a lot because I'm pretty lazy person by nature but I get competitive as a motherfucker on. That's yeah that's helpful and Gulf turn me unfortunately into a total lunatic in terms of competitiveness. And that's how I viewed it was. Oh for me to get to this person's position I need to be better than this person column. I going to get there when I opened up in two thousand four. No one wanted to work with me. Not One person it gives you insight to how bad I was. What do you think the people would have if if you would have invited someone to be a part of it and they say I won't work with David for X Y and Z? I can tell you 'cause I've asked them all my friends to. You're not that good. Okay you are never been a sous chef you wanna make Romuald the fuck. You're talking about because you know after I cooked for craft like I came back and went to Japan because I felt like there was unfinished business and I wanted to work there and I learned a lot in Japan cooking. Living Japan was like a life changing experience. Because I learned a lot about myself because Japan's such an expensive country particularly food and I had like on saying tiffany but I came to the realization that I could eat really well. They're cheaply and that. That was a weird thing because back in America in two thousand three. If you said you wanted to go to a nice restaurant food people think. You're like a snob right. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah I would have been people calling someone snap. Yeah because you weren't wrong because you couldn't eat well there. The the whole idea of eating well was yet fast food to eat a nice meal. Meant like some fancy French restaurant that was just exclusive to anyone else other than White People. So it was really elitist. It wasn't democratized at all yet. No not not at all. So this is the weird thing that. I had the realization where I was cooking Japan. I was like wait. Everyone's actually eating. Well I most of my meals at convenience stores like the seven elevens their equivalent like some of the best food. I had weren't like convenience stores like sandwiches noodles. I have the stereotype of Japan and the Japanese work ethic and I guess also through their engineering and vehicle manufacturing which is the only field. I know a lot about. There's meticulousness to their work. Ethos that is evident in their product. So that what's happening with the food? Is there like an attention to detail and meticulousness or is it? They're using real ingredients. That aren't process like we're using here. What was the distinguishing factor? That made it all so good. They just care more like. Have you been to Japan before? No I'm dying to go. It's one of the one of the only places Monica I want to. It's the greatest food culture in the world in my opinion and everything's good in. Everyone knows more about food than anyone else in their food culture. Just it goes back like a thousand plus years there restaurants that are like four hundred five hundred years old killed right so but like that all trickles down to everything in Japan is just a little bit better because they care more they just simply care more and like an egg salad sandwich. Would you ever buy an egg salad sandwich? American seven eleven. I'd be terrified. I would imagine it had been made a week before minimally. Yeah well the logistics there in Japan is like the constantly being made somewhere and being shipped to these places. So it's very fresh and it's made with delicious ingredients. And IT'S AMAZING. The Egg Salad Sandwich at a lawson so that convenience store is one of my top five things will ever eat. I want to see now. You're talking our language bean stores. I could walk down the street and I could just buy like. Niko which steen stuffed dumpling of sorts. And it's like fifty cents and it's delicious and I was like wait foods. Amazing here in the cheap food. That's just as good as even the McDonalds is fucking unbelievable in. Ooh We need a rectangle. Sam We need chicken sandwich. Burger King over there. You know what if I go to Tokyo? Mcdonald's because I'm telling you that they say they still fry their fries in beef fat tallow so Donald News mcdonagh does McDonalds McDonalds now really quick so I read kitchen confidential. When did that book come out around two thousand and two thousand two thousand one? Yeah okay so I read that book and I was like. Oh Wow if I had not gone into comedy. That would have been my life. The kitchen life is a bunch of party animals sex crazed drug laden terrible hours. Everyone's fucking each other. I'm like I'm in. That's my kind of culture. Were you experiencing that at Kraft? Did you like that especially given the kind of Cross Your T.'s? Dot Your I's childhood was that chaos appealing so when I first got to craft what I love most was how serious everybody was. It was like you entered like a surgeon's room but the moment service ended. It was like going to a party right right. It was work hard. Play hard and also during service and this is why I've always deemed as like a healthy kitchen is when people are making fun of each other. I was like Oh this is perfect for me. It's like who could hurt. Someone's feelings the most like this is exactly where I need to be. And you're making really delicious food but like there's different kinds of kitchens and I was close with Tony and he wrote about kitchen culture. That was very real at that time but it didn't exist at certain levels in my opinion like the restaurant like kraft was only about food. I could've been naive but I never really saw anything because I was always just working on the food. Everyone was so fucking busy cooking that you couldn't do anything else and it was pretty hardcore. There are a lot of crazy stories. I've seen a lot of crazy shit because kitchen. Culture thankfully has been updated. Where do you get the ball? Start Mama Fuko. I'm probably so long as well. No no no more Fu so again like following the footsteps of my brother. My brother Love's allman brothers. So I love the allman brothers. You know eat. A peach. Became like one of my favorite albums and when I was studying everything before I left for Japan. Like anything you know. Anything in became a hobby after the first trip to Japan and I I learned that the guy that create a cup of noodles was named Momofuku Ondo and I curse all the time and I was like this. Sounds like motherfucker? That's a great name and I'll use it if I ever restaurant called Momofuku logo. After Japan I worked for Danielle Balloon and injure calmly Nieta Upper East side institution called Cafe Balut. And you know at this time I was getting better but I didn't know what I WANNA do because at the time. Then if you wanted to have your own restaurant you had to get tapped by the chef so for example if I spent enough time with Daniel Glued in one of his patrons decided hey. I want to open a restaurant in Boston. Do you have someone that I could hire? And that's how you get a job working. Yeah and I was and I was like probably if there was like sixteen cooks in my ranking I was like fifteen. I'm never I'm never going to be better than everyone else. Around that time. I had my first manic experience on the depressive side. Yeah and things were going south of my family as well and then all in I was also working like fourteen. I don't know what fourteen sixteen hours time six days a week but it was like crazy amount of work and I just was like losing my mind and my mom's bed and cancers for twenty four years. My brother was in the midst of pursuing my dad and all this crazy shit was going on and my reality was like melting away and I was not in a good place so that was another reason why I had to leave and one of the reasons I started Momofuku was I reached a point. I was like fuck it. Who cares you know what I mean like using that sort of that equation of like what's the worst thing that can happen? Yeah right I might just Joe Myself Anyway. So who cares fight? Fuck this up. Who Cares can I ask what were the depths of that period? Did you end up having to quit the job? Were you unable to work? How destructive did that spell? You know. It's funny it's like throughout my life. I feel like I wanted to ask for help. And Even Times. I think I've asked it in college or even high school and high school was pretty traumatic for me to like there's a whole nother like. I went to the private school that produced the last two Supreme Court justices. Oh yeah you into short shorts town Pratt. Yeah got imagine your some of your classmates. Parents were like senators and Shit. So it wasn't a it wasn't a fun time for me so I I didn't really fit in and I am remembering highschool asking for help and people are like you're fine and then I never never asked my parents like. Hey I think I need to see therapists or psychiatrists like that doesn't exist in Asian American household right. Just don't do it. You know what the remedy is is. Stop crying suck. Yeah yeah toughen up yet I need help is is weakness right exactly. Yeah and the whole idea that you need someone to talk to or get medication on. That was just so foreign. That was never going to happen. So you know when I was twenty six. That's where I reached a point where I was like. Fuck it and did you self medicate. Oh my God yeah there we go. I mean man I was really good at it. E Yeah your baseline is feeling like a negative sex and drug even in its worst condition. Continue to to. You'RE GONNA pay that option in my experience. Yeah and because my industry also was like me even after college you go out every night I mean every night. I'm going to bed at four in the morning. Five sometimes sleeping in the locker room just to go to work in the morning. It's insane. I tried to block a lot of that out because it wasn't like that fun but a lot of drinking and I don't like to say that I had a drinking problem but yeah I definitely had a drinking problem. Sharp sharp while you're talking to someone with a drinking so it's okay you're in good company bad medicine.

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