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It's even better and then you look and risk the line and there's questions you want to be out of there while he's there right now Montauk. I love bringing him over Colin. Miller has a great all you did the play call Silky so he has a fucking bomb bomb no jake McCabe. That's a defensive defenceman. You can add a little bit offense but he's a young player as well twenty four. He's getting a little bit older but you also see that he can make a big impact play in twenty minutes twenty minutes but Gordon's hurt to start the year hopefully he's able to come back and get involved but they do have assault decor much-improved you then look at like upfront and Eichel's been able to do and he continues to improve and Sam Reinhart took that step it. It was a huge season for him to make make believers out of people who maybe wondered. I don't know if this kid can be a an elite offensive player sixty five points without without missing a game you can think that he could step up even a little bit more this year and the other thing is if you look at young is because they're always in with a team like buffalo and the struggled struggled after kind of a misleading ten oh Ron right early in the year. You're going to see new players step in one of these guys. I've already seen the preseason hit two goals the other night Viktor Victor Olson the reason I'm able to talk about him because when I went over to Modo and before my enormous retirement that sent Swedish media into shockwaves I was a teammate of his. I don't know how old he was then. He must have been fucking. It must've been seventeen eighteen then this kid shot is a joke. It's like my Kaufman's whole ruin the best snapshots I've gene so he came up last year played six games four points right so he's going to get a chance to play on one of I think one of the top three lines this year he can score you'll see the questions being when you get to goal well actually the first the first challenge for Buffalo Division so good right to look at these teams. You'RE GONNA have to beat on a regular basis an leapfrog to get into the playoffs so Florida got really good. They improved Thanh while already having three of those top teams Boston Toronto Tampa so the division being so strong really hurts buffalo but they got a new coach Ralph Krueger. I love him. I had the guy in Edmonton. He got screwed over by them when he was fired Ed via skype. The story's been told a bunch of times but he believes in this team. He's a positive thinker. He's going to continue to beyond guys but in a way where they really WanNa play form warm. He's a he's. He's all about positives all about being a family. He'll talk to your straight up about anything and he'll let you know where you stand and let you know what he needs out here. There's no questions coming from players so he's GonNa make a big difference. They've had you know I think with Phil Housley. There was a lot of issues in terms of how the team played the systems while also the lineups and who he chose to use in certain points and then you know as you get older on your star superstar type player. I'm looking at Eichel. I'm looking at Darlene. The League becomes easier year by year in that. I'm saying the travel becomes easier to deal with. You know how to pace yourself. You know how to play against certain players a little bit differently. It's when you're at that top and talent the first and second overall type picks that these guys are every year is a little bit easier so Eichel is going to because I think this will be his fifth year fifth year pro or sixth year one or the other and then darlene second it'll be as V v so the League is going to come easier to these these guys and along with the division being tough. The only other thing is the goaltending so Carter Hutton's trying to prove that he is a number one goalie and Linus ullmark cy young unproven unproven guy so if he gets chances to play he's GonNa have to play well to the division being toughened. The goaltending is what you really look at it in terms of weaknesses in a sense but there's reason to believe if you're a sabers fan alright. I don't know what to say after that which just absolutely buzz. I'm excited this team different team. I'm sure you've got a few notes so I'm good what's up. You guys are snowing stab before the show you guys are fucking often run a man no free ads can London fog and also bringing in call Mila Ella kind of feels like there might be some redundancies on and we've always here Rasmusen Bristolian his name Aristophanes name pop it open trade rumors solo wouldn't be surprised if they can like that and now now you have three puck moving defenseman right so defensemen not defenseman. Excuse me you have to get them involved at all times. Get off the ice and you know you know what kind of similar type of lineup when they when they came in the League was Golden Knights is they had three pairs where they had a guy stand back and one guy getting offensive and that's why they had so much success as they were coming as a five man unit every night and I mean. I don't think they're gonNA make playoffs. I think there's a ways to go there and because they gotta figure out the goalie situation and get a little bit more depth but hey if they end up surprises and people I wouldn't be surprised Yeah Joe L. Hanson he was one of the better Bruins the whole playoff so that was a nice advil hill help like I said secondary scoring their bottom six in particular. That's going to be an issue for them. Also brought in Jimmy Visi who's in a contract contract and other interesting note they have eight pending. Ufa's on that so if you know they're out of it early manual it could be a fire sale in buffalo of end by his last guy. It didn't get mentioned that could be a huge step up type years Casey Middle Stat you saw what he did. In the world juniors you do not often see a player dominate at the world junior level the way he did with the pedigree of his draft and how high and not see them like be very very good. Nhl as he dominated the best players in the world under twenty twenty. I think this year he's nineteen. He's nineteen right now so look look for him. I mean twenty five points. Maybe the famous delighted sixty two line and said he's the worst dresser on the team because all he wears this is Lou straight up high school and risked allied in our apartment came on it wasn't rescinded it was darling I I interviewed him at the NHL Media Tour and had asked him I said was the worst wrestler on the team and he said that middle stats so little little friendly banter between the boys and he's also in the last year his ELC so he'll be looking to hopefully get paid but none of us have the savings region into the playoffs or not a step up but I already have my if my eight Eastern conference teams yeah. It's again a brutal division a lot a lot of top kids. They have to face how many more teams we got. We got two more minutes to more. I know this Zaba Oblast this week. You can hear voices next up. The Old Detroit redwings finished with seventy four points last year a couple of new faces in town Val Terry Fila Bulla Patrik Nemeth Adam earn they should goodbye to Nicholas Krahn well who did retire nothing earth shattering from the wings over the summer. I'm sure Steve You is the master plan but he can't fix things over ninety inherited a lot of this stuff I mean Dylan lock and I can't believe he's only twenty three after him Tyler Tuesay Anthony Mantha and Andre Anthony see you after that though I think they got a lot of depth issues you take a look at the roster. There are some nice pieces like I just mentioned but this is a team of twenty four million under the cap you look at it doesn't look like a seventy seven million dollar Ross dots crazy let's go for as Biswa to the wings going yeah I just I mean it starts now right rebuilt and how quickly can can either Zarman get it done. I will say that when you have a presence like Eisenman walking the halls of your organization and your building I feel like everyone does tend tend to elevate their play a little bit more just because you have an guy look over you. That's been there done that and proved himself so I think they're going to be a hard fighting team. This year. Their coaches is is an excellent coach. very well liked very very intelligent and prepared. I just they just don't they don't have anything and the crazy part about wouldn't they. They also don't have a lot of cap space and you said that already and it's not going to be pretty. I almost hope that they don't do well so they can start getting some assets in draft in in the lottery pick section because they're going to need some help of entry level contracts moving forward here in order to help turn this organization Zeeshan round. They do have some pieces to build around obviously don't Larkin. Who has he been named captain yet? I don't believe so so I mean I mean we're in crazy. Roese Times. We're in looking at a few organizations WHO ARE ICONIC TORONTO. May Police and Detroit redwings are set to name new captains. I mean that's a that's a big thing right so I would imagine he's the guy they pick and as I said earlier the time starts now for Stevie y to work his magic. They said well the DIS the issue they're getting older. Mike Green Ericsson and Trevor Daily you know they're in their mid thirties upfront. You gotTa love a couple of the guys that they've got to be able to build around. That's Larkin Sick Anthony Mantha Anthony. Co had a huge here one of the fastest players in the League in Tyler Tuesday. I love his game love. Oh God people in Detroit telling me how great he is crazy. Co Kid is probably one of the more entertaining palm trees. I just don't know if he's you know he's. He's a bit of a wildcard. He's just kind of doing this thing out there. I don't know how that translate. When does he go hot and cold last year? He was just pretty much hard. I think that the issues that they've had pry with them. We're like attitude type stuff Carlin cockiness. I've heard if you're GONNA play the way he did last year and get thirty thirty. I mean you you. You're going to be able to act a little different. thirty goals scores aren't aren't exactly buzzing around Evanger Kane out there a little bit with that swagger. Are you know I don't I don't think as tough but just saying there's a little body language so they're going to need those guys to keep continue to improve and then their first overall pick from the summer before Selena I don't want this guy needs to be nasty. I I've apparently I mean he played nine games last year three three points only thirty five points in fifty nine. Ahl Games but in junior there was there was domination domination they love when they picked him so he can make a huge step but they they pretty much need him too and then scored fifty goals in the Oh L. D. Cube official year any any lit up a Halifax but the issue being that when you're rebuilding which they are right in the midst of you need those those top AH picks to head they need that kind of turn all I was at the Arizona coyotes..

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