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Is Wait, Wait. Don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Kurtis. We're playing this week with Lacey Mosley. Adam fell. Burr and Helen Hong. And here again. Is your host reminding his parents. This is technically a real job, Peter Sagal. Thank you, Bill. In just a minute. Bill pays Oman's to the Great Pharaoh Rhymes ease in our listener. Limerick Challenge If you'd like to play, Give us a call one Triple eight. Wait, wait. That's 18889248 94 right now Panel some more questions for you from the week's news, Adam because of a shortage of rental cars. Apparently many tourists in Hawaii are driving around. In what Um, a vehicle crudely fashioned from coconuts and a bamboo in the manner of Gilligan's Island. That would be great, though. Yeah, I'll give you a hand. It's great. You can head to the beach. You can go up to the volcano. You can help locals move. Vans, moving vans trucks They're driving around in moving vans and trucks. What during the 10 grand still rent those exactly what During the pandemic, many rental car companies actually sold off their rental fleets because they say, we thought everybody was going to die. So now we're taking vacations again, and there aren't enough cars. They're very hard to find when you can find them. They're very expensive in Hawaii. A small car is going for 800 bucks a day. And then when you get there that he pressuring you to upgrade the one with wheels, so people are hacking the system because even though the rental cars are very expensive, you can rent a pickup truck or a van from a moving company or U haul for much less money, So that's what they're getting to drive around in their vacation. People are going to Waikiki and a U haul. Yes, they are. And look, I just want to say to people they're doing this. It's none of my business, but I've done it both ways. People. And it is totally worth the money to hire professional movers to pack and carry you to the beach. Yeah, I was gonna say if you're you know, most U hauls only have seating for two in the front cab. So if your family of five what did they just throwing the kids in the dog? Exactly? You know absolutely Uh, Helen. York magazine. Professional athletes are happy that fans are allowed back in the stands, but the play by play announcers or even happier because now that fan's air back, they'd no longer have to worry about what Play by play announcers. Um they had to eat all the hot dogs. No, give you a hand. It really got dangerous If the players could ever figure how to get up to the press box. Oh, like when? When they would like, say, snarky, horrible things about the players. The players could hear them exactly.

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