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But is he declining twelve point five yards per catch? Last year was low that I will remind you it was twelve point one in two thousand sixteen and then two thousand seventeen was incredibly fifteen point two yards per catch. He was having basically his best season. His catch rate on the other hand sixty two percent, two straight seasons. That's pretty low for an Tony. Brown. It was sixty eight point eight percent or better three prior years. And last year sixty two percent, basically two years in a row sixty two percent. So that's the question. Gotta ask is he on the decline. He he might be. And that's something to keep my with him. And just Pittsburgh was a great situation for him. You know, we had a great report with Ben Rothlisberger. Ben Rothlisberger is even a top twelve quarterback next year without in Tokyo Brown. Pending. What else they do at the position? No, the difficult part is through the ball so much over the last two years. I mean, six hundred forty attempts seems very reasonable. If he throws that many times in just as juju James, Washington, James Connor. He's still probably a top twelve quarterback for me. But certainly not like top-five. No right now, I've got him third. So I have to drop them a little all right? Four point passing. Touchdown league. Rank the AFC north quarterbacks. If Brown is not on the Steelers, and they don't replace them. And they draft a wide receiver in the first round. Which usually doesn't mean all that much in a rookie year. I would be surprised if they would do that. They're good at finding receivers later on draft day. But I think it would be Baker been Lamar Dolton, which is how I haven't. Now. Anyway, just the gap between then and Lamar which shrink, and there would be a bigger gap between Baker and Ben a Browns quarterback the number one quarterback in the AFC north and fence. Okay. Let's go to our next news item. Joe flacco is reportedly being traded to the Denver Broncos. Here's my prediction. This is John Elway's last year as in the front office. He will be fired at the end of the two thousand firing who's firing. John Elway the Broncos. I don't know. They've got they've got a lot of ownership issues right now that they might not want to try and yet he's gone. This is terrible decision. Upside down he one failed quarterback after another from a former quarterback. It's it's terrible. They're going to be awful goodbye. That's that's how I'm feeling right now. I feel similarly this is not good for anyone is it. No, it's. It's a mess. They're going to draft another quarterback. So I think you have to Joe flacco data's elite but more as like stopgap elite, but or just view him as exactly the same guy that lecture..

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