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Go the county could damage the major source of that pollutants that yeah the Susquehanna River correct right now they say anything more about judging you're doing anything at the south grand irony like that but I was trying to get the different states to get get away yeah you know that's always up near the power company is very powerful very powerful politically as far as lobbying is concerned and I don't know if they'll ever overcome the fact that the power company will buy off by by them off you know with the with finds in money whatever that you know whatever the contribution is to keep them from having to actually do something okay I'll let you have a blessed day thank you buddy appreciate it and then take care bye bye we take another break already have got to manage our time here yeah I know which I haven't done that well this today but that's alright well let's talk about Clyde sports shop you know Clyde sports shop has everything for fishing and crabbing I mean fissions really start to get good no question about it they've got the baskets they've got the truck they've got the the makings for the truck lining of the line and all the all the accessories this news and a big bag and floats all that they got the measures tongs gloves a crab Nelson nets cloth and wire nets they got commercial crab pots a crab hotels cloth are crammed brings Pasadena crab traps a low profile the topless crab traps I got thrown seasoning they got steamers tolerate their clothes for trial I mean you know they've got the sold real chicken necks and the licenses everything you need for crabbing and same stuff for fission any kind of fish you want to go they get for twenty four hour fission hotline two four seven three four seven four and all the advice all the lowers all the Bates you name it clouds has it.

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