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Chicago public School system that more next on 7 20, WGN. Hat Max Pack is a foundation dedicated to keeping the memory of Patrick Thomas McNamara alive through fundraising efforts and service projects. Sadly, Patrick was just 13 when he passed away after an 11 year battle with the brain Sumer. So now at Max Pack raises funds for pediatric brain tumor research and help support young brain tumor patients and their families in the Chicago Land area to make a generous donation. Go to pat Max pack dot or g'kar. Worth every penny goes through the fight. The United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. At the Equal Justice Initiative. We believe mass incarceration has to end there is this presumption of dangerousness and guilt it gets assigned to black and brown people. We have to confront our history of racial injustice and commit to a new era of truth. There's something better waiting for something that feels more like freedom. Truth can inspire change. Please learn more at EJ I dot or g'kar. Do you worry about how much someone drinks? Do you feel angry or depressed? Most of the time. Do you feel neglected or unloved? Do you feel that if the drink or loved you, she or he would stop drinking. If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Not everyone trapped by alcohol is an alcoholic families and friends are suffering to Alan on and Alison can help call 18662000223 or visit Alan on that orc slash help. What is dedication? The thing that drives me every day is a dad is.

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