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Larson show when all of this is over will you stop shaking hands all together I'm going to answer that one yes I think that we're going to have to change some social behavior that we engage in and add one gentleman right to me and say Lars it isn't shaking hands you don't get the disease for your hands I wrote back and I said don't be absurd we all know that the most common way to spread any disease is through to be clinical about it the mucous membranes on your body now we've most of us god mode I got a few of them but the most common ones where you get the disease your mouth your nose and your eyes and how does it get your mouth your nose in your eyes because the average person believe it or not you should test this sometime if you want a fun party trick test how many times you cut touch your face unconsciously the folks who actually study that kind of things they had several dozen times an hour twenty to thirty times an hour you touch your face without even realizing you touch your fingers to your cheeks are to your lips are to your nose or to your eyes you rub your eyes and how do you get it I know that when I take the show out on the road and I hope one day to go visit our new friends in Memphis Tennessee and our newest affiliate K. W. A. M. when I go out and I do what we call radio remote where I do the show from some location I'd rather not do it in a studio I'd rather do it at some locations may be in Memphis that when you do that I end up shaking hands routinely with hundreds of people and you understand that unless I just sit there like a an OCD and put hand sanitizer on my hands every time I shake hands invariably I'm gonna shake hands with twenty or thirty people and then if I don't clean my hands if I touch my face then I'm going to get whatever it is I've got my hands on my face and perhaps on my lips and maybe my nose and maybe my eyes as well and that's the most common way for disease to spread especially diseases like influenza so if I go out to a remote and I shake a lot of hands and I'm not absolutely diligent about washing my hands continuously yeah I'm not I'm not that afraid of the seasonal flu I get the shot every year but corona virus well I'm over sixty one I've got type two diabetes reasonably well managed but yeah I can get the disease and I could bring it home to my family as well to people who are immune compromised that's a bad idea as well so when this is all over will you stop shaking hands that's what Dr Anthony Fauci is suggested and of course he's been the go to guy for both the president and for the rest of the country when it comes to infectious disease along with Dr Debra birch and others any case you get into the.

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