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Shepherd. I think he'd be phenomenal with the patriots. He's on the last year of his rookie contract, and they kind of a wild card. So you catch him at the right time. Maybe. Yeah. Call on Wednesday Friday, he may train them or call them on a Tuesday Thursday or Saturday may just hang up. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. So I think they want it probably explore that the trade market and Jordan. I don't know. I mean, Jodi, Nelson thirty three. Because he had a nice moments last year and also could still have something less. But that's that's not really I think that's kind of a backup plan. I think you're better off even if you have to part with the draft pick in trading for younger player who you know, is in the prime of their career. I mean, like we said part of the the issue is the patriots don't have a just a lot of money to spend today. They caught veteran defensive end Adrian clayborn that saved them some money. Can you see any other veterans getting cut in the next couple of days or weeks to again, free up a little bit more money for the patriots or anybody in particular? No, I don't think so because that was going into the office, and it was really Dwayne Allen. You knew was not going to be back on that seven million dollar cap it there's just no chance vet and Adrian clayborn was kind of the second guy that you saw if if money got tight that they would get rid of but outside of him. I don't the other high tap gets on the team are all they're all guys that are kind of necessary. You look like they're not getting rid of Dante Hightower the way he played at the end of last year. And he's able to stay healthy through last year, Marcus cannon had high tap it. But they dos Trent Brown in Isaiah wins coming off in a is injury. So they don't have much during Paco. So you're not cannons unknown commodity not getting rid of him. So I don't know. I looked over there Austrian. I just don't think that that name. There's no one obvious like going Allen or Adrian clayborn left where you look at the cafe and you look at the production. They've had you say, oh, yeah. Yeah. They could move on from that guy. Kevin before we let you go just news that broke this morning Kareem hunt who was waived by the Kansas City Chiefs last year picked up this off season by the Cleveland Browns because of domestic abuse, whatever the case may be he was assaulting a young lady it was caught on video while he's been suspended for the first eight games of the twenty nineteen season. We were talking about this earlier. Kevin it just seems like with Commissioner Goodell. It's like he just throws a number out. There hopes it doesn't get peeled. And then moves onto the next thing. Eight games does that feel about right to you? I think that's probably what people were forecasting. When he initially got caught when he was indefinitely suspended. I don't know. It's hard. I mean Goodell bucket get a lot of criticism, and rightfully so he's pretty inconsistent with alive rulings. But. I don't know the full season. I mean, he he already was suspended toward the end of right last year. Would you suspend them for the sporty to them? Yeah. Look, I. When you look at the crime, you you'd like to like, maybe knocked the guy out yourself. But you obviously, there's a there's a league in place and a Commissioner in place. It seems about right? Sometimes I you know, what I think Kevin jet. There's almost like no right answer here. I would say well that's too much. If you spend it before games, you really deflate footballs assault. The woman problem is we don't know what this Josh Gordon's suspension is going to end up being whatever it is people are gonna obviously you're going to compare it to the Kareem hunt suspension. And so you're going to say if we gets more you're going to say, well, that's absurd. He's a multiple of fee is but at the same time, it's for you know, stuff, I get it. But it is you're told not to do this. It's in the CBS. So I that's where sometimes, but it doesn't matter if it is or it isn't people are going to look at it and say the games for a guy who punched girl in the face for kicked her whatever he did, whatever they do for just Gordon, and they're gonna say to those are too close together. One guy just something far more agreeable. I mean, again, the article that came out on Josh Gordon a year ago where he got behind the wheel intoxicated and was hitting parking meters. And laughing about it that that's pretty destructive to meet him. So look, I'm not trying to be you know. Judge an execution here. But it's just this is Roger Goodell's league. So he does whatever he needs to do. We're going to see what happens with Robert Kraft is going to be some sort of finest suspension for that as well. So we'll see before the other question to Kevin the patriots when they unfurled their championship banner. Who do you want to see them play? It's probably going to be on Sunday night football. Because from what we hearing is Thursday night to kick off the season going to be Packers bears because it's one hundred year of the NFL. So who would you like to see here in Foxborough? I Cleveland now with OB Jay and all that talent. Yeah. Cleveland won everyone's been talking about. And I excuse me for not I spent so kind of you've been stuck and let me give you the it's obviously the three teams within the division, which I don't think it'd be wants to see the dolphins jets are bills, right? I don't think anybody really wants to see the giants. Now not now. Absolutely not. She wanted to stick it in their face and put up your six championship banner, but they do have four to with your expensive. Maybe don't go there. The teams I put out were Dallas, obviously, America's team, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Cleveland Cleveland. I that would be so much apps already anointed them as Super Bowl question without question. Yeah. Oh, Indianapolis, Indianapolis is my early Super Bowl pick over the eagles. I'm staying away from lacquers. I figured don't pick the Packers. Maybe they'll show up one year. Yeah. I like to call it. Yeah. I would rank those potential opponents as and I would say the the likelihood of it is probably one Cleveland to Kansas City. Three indianapolis. Kansas City would be Kansas City. Patriots is awesome. Yeah. The last the last two games the chiefs in patients have played with both incr- championship games. I think of ballot check Brady era still recovering from it. Yeah. Yeah. But the round just have so much momentum in terms of like, I think nationwide scandal. My people are just going crazy right now for the potential of that offense with Baker Mayfield and OBI, Jay. And Nick Charles and Jarvis Landry. People are saying that they're going to eclipse if she says the best offense in the league. So I think that would be. Yeah. And that would be fascinating match up. Because it's totally new also I mean, I'm not saying America would get sick of watching the features and cheese, but they did see two additions of that last year. Yup. So if you wanna bring the Browns in here, and they've got a lot know Freddie, kitchens first game as full time head coach. And and I mean Baker Mayfield is probably considered one of the rising stars in the league. Absolutely brady. I think that you really can't go wrong at the Browns patriot. Yeah. That's my vote. Cleveland Browns get him in here on for Sunday night of the season. Kevin Duffy patriots beat reporter for the Boston Herald follow him on Twitter at. Kevin. Art duffy. Kevin. Thanks so much for joining us get some rest and study up on these guys Ellington, Harris, whoever. Inherit. Yes, I'm a big. I'm a big candidacy player. So I'm going go any skill position player. I'm good honest when they signed guys like Terrence Brooks, the special teamer from the jets, then some trouble. I gotta get some research scouting. Yes. Yeah. I'm I'm I'm Maury terrorism. Bruce, Christian Burgoyne are St. mobile producer said that MAURICE Harris is going to the Pro Bowl. He's six three two hundred pounds. He's gonna he's gonna explode this. She with Tom Brady thrown on the floor. Three. I don't know either way as possible. Either. Either bullshit. Thank you. Kevin have a great weekend. Happy Santana Trix day. All right. Appreciate it guys. Kevin. Before we get to break a little bit on Kareem hunt Jewish suspended him if he were Commissioner of the NFL. See they set this impossible standard where they don't have a standard. Yeah. I mentioned Roger Goodell is a federal judge because the federal judge is minimum sentencing and all that. I think I'll precedent illegal fist. You look at it essentially NFL like north Roger Goodell's like how many who eight games? Okay. Yeah. Know, he has his the I think what he does is. He goes. Yeah. They have a a this. I'm stealing this from south park. They have a from. They have a chicken the cut its head off. And they had it run on a chart, and wherever it falls and dies. That's the number of AMC suspense longer Mazuz draft board. Right. Yeah. But I'm telling you the NFL. It's there's absolutely no rhyme or reason as to why or when or how they suspend somebody. So okay, seems fine to me. I I think what we were talking about in the break right before we had Kevin on sap. Was this seems to be the NFL's new thing which is throw out a number right player. Don't appeal. Yup. And it's probably going to be less. If you less that way, because maybe they wanted to do ten or twelve with Kareem hunt. And they said it'll be eight if you don't appeal because I think they're they're getting sick of doing these prolonged court battles which was just making everybody, look, bad and exhausting fans. Brady's the only guy who got four games and couldn't have just decided to just take it not appeal. It did bring it to court, but eventually advice he took it as far as they could games. Yeah. And and came at a very inopportune time for the cowboy and also there was no video of it though. No charges were no charge hectically commit any crime. Happy. Ohio state. This is Walgreens remember the NFL who knows I it's just put this. This seems to be the new methodology right now, they'll change it. This isn't going to be something. But I think that's exactly what they did. They said how about eight eight can't appeal, and I think he just took it they'll come back at midseason. So he won't be at Gillette stadium on opening night. If I have my way with the Browns coming to town at the Browns don't need him. No running game without him. Nick chub. He's got a great passing attack. Imagine bringing him in the second half of the season. Yeah. I ain't even talking about on on lost her. He's a great player. You're gonna draft him in fantasy. Right. You can't be holding down. So you know, what I can't have pre on my fantasy team..

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