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In the second round. So that's a potential, I guess, a potential pothole there for the cougars who have been great all season. At stave Preston, joining us live to talk some college hoops here. Thanks a lot, Dave. Craig, look at the top stories we're working on here this evening at WTO P, the U.S. government took extraordinary steps to stop a potential banking crisis after the historic failure of Silicon Valley bank. D.C. police are on the scene of a double homicide on Capitol Hill right now, and we have Oscar's coverage coming up next. It's ten 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s and rich hunters in the traffic center. All right, if you're trapping north on two 70 heads up just before you get up to X of 2060 X of Peru 80 urbana looks like traffic may be coming to a stop as a result of a crash involving one on its roof unclear if it was on the shoulder and the travel lanes but it was heavy response from both Montgomery county and Frederick county arriving on scene so you may find yourself stopped there as a result. A word checking for a crash reported to be on southbound route three on the ramp that takes you toward eastbound U.S. 50 John Hanson highway so headed toward Annapolis, but no word that they found anything that was quite a lot of response headed over that way at one point. Now if you're traveling in Virginia, 95 and three 95 still in good shape and the district outbound 11th street bridge or eastbound 6 95 just before you get to the split for the two 95 interchanges, you may have found yourself in stop traffic there as a result of a crash, still waiting on word from the front of the line, but again, it does look like traffic is stopped there as a result of that crash, rich hunter W chippy traffic. You forecast now with Steve Friends of valley. A chilly light rain may be mixed with a few wet snowflakes northwest of town on your Sunday Night middle 30s to near 40 Monday, rain diminishes to showers in the afternoon, highs up for 40s and staying chilly, winds pick up Tuesday, highs in the upper 40s with some sunshine, but boy those winds could be gusting 40 plus miles an hour. Windy and sunny on Wednesday upper 50s, I'm storm team four meteorologist two prince of alley. Right now we have 38° in oxen hill, it's 37 in Sterling and 36 here at WTO brought to you by new look home design. Right now, say 50% on all roofing materials and labor. And just to add the latest on a bad data breach, impacting a lot of people around D.C.. It's ten 20. Guys, I think it's Truman. It's

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