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And let's take your calls toll-free at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. Well, this sweet-smelling portion of animal radio is underwritten by Schmidt's naturals, smell seriously, amazing and support animal conservation with Schmidt's special edition of the valley natural deodorant created in collaboration with the Jane Goodall institute. Five percent of each purchase supports animals in the wild. You could learn more at Schmitz dot com and Schmidt's underwriting animal radio, I'm actually wearing it smells, so good. You're listening to animal radio. Call the dream team. Now at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. Challen cable. Can you smell that your dog can? Happy holidays merry Christmas. Happy new year want to take this time to say, thanks. I really enjoy being an animal radio. I'm not perfect. I don't have all the answers. But what I do have is a deep passion and desire to help you understand your dog and give you the tools you need to give your dog a happy fulfilling life, most of its common sense. And understanding that dogs are just a little bit different than we are. I think that's what makes him so magical. I mean think about it. They live totally in the moment. They don't think about the future of the past. It's all about what's happening now dogs. Don't hold grudges. They're not greedy and a dog will never break, your heart. They wanna please you. They just need to know how. And if I can help you get to the answer it brings me the greatest joy and satisfaction. You know, sometimes we love our dogs so much we love him too much. And we treat them like there are children. And sometimes when we do that, they get a little confused like you or I would be if we went to another country where we didn't know the customs in the language the difference between our dogs and us is that we're capable of learning the customs in the Lang. Your dog can never learn English. He can never learn what it's like to be a human. But we can learn to act and think like a dog, and that's probably the greatest thing you can do to ensure that your dog.

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