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A lot is on the line tonight. As the president tries to make up some ground in the swing states. He needs to hang onto, and Joe Biden tries to maintain his polling lead for more on tonight's final presidential debate. Let's go to Nashville and check in with our very own. I already a reporter will Clark to get a sense of what the situation is like on the ground will What have you seen and heard throughout the day today? Ah, well, just within the last few minutes, we've received word from the White House press pool on some information regarding that topic. The hunter Biden investigation, Tony Koblinsky and I'm I'm probably mispronouncing that it's named that we're probably going to get very familiar with over the next few days is a guest of the Trump campaign here at the debate tonight. He came in And spoke with White House press pool for about seven minutes of note. He is meeting with the Senate committee tomorrow to discuss the information he has On the hunter biting case, and he has three phones he says he's going to share with that committee that he brought with him to the debate tonight. So, uh, there seems to be maybe an effort of the president, too. To get inside of Joe Biden heads just by who was in maybe the first couple of rows of the audience was very reminiscent of back in 2016 when the president following the access Hollywood tape controversy brought some of Bill Clinton's accusers to a debate. This certainly has that same kind of feel to it. Have you seen either of the candidates or their families throughout the day today? I went out and I saw Airforce one land here in Nashville earlier this afternoon, and most of the Trump family Wass on board the flight. Jared and Ivanka, most notably, and then kind of surprisingly, Melania Trump was on board. The flight is whether to be her first public appearance after she missed that trip to Pennsylvania, still dealing with some of the residuals. I'm their battle with covert 19. So she is in Nashville presumably will be in the debate home tonight. Uh, we know that the president came through here earlier and did a very brief walk through of the venue. And then went to a closed door round table fundraiser at the downtown Nashville Hotel, Uh, before, presumably taking it easy for a little bit and then making his way out here to the bell my campus. We also learned earlier today that both the president and former vice President Joe Biden have tested negative for covert 19 in advance of tonight's debate. What is the feeling like on the ground among those who were there by the venue? Things are a little bit different, of course, because Of the pandemic. But is there a sense of excitement that that city is holding the final presidential debate for this election? Yeah, I think that Nashville still feels like this is a big deal. I think the people who were Belmont still feel like it's a big deal and that granted, they wish that it was more of an open format. They've hosted debates before, so they know what a AH normal debate It is supposed to feel like crowd wise and without the Kobe restrictions. But they're still going to be in the national spotlight. People for today and tomorrow we'll be talking about Belmonte will be talking about Nashville and depending on what the what the candidates do, or maybe, in some cases don't do tonight. That will make this one of the more memorable debates there are, um you know, you go back and look in the history of these debates. There are are moments that people remember the venue and the time and the place of of things that happened so I think to some extent, this is almost From maybe an academic perspective almost is good for the university as as a basketball team football team, making it to the national title game, getting that kind of exposure because for 90 straight minutes You're going to be reminded that the president and his challenger Are in Nashville, Tennessee, on the campus of Belmont University. Are I have already a reporter on the ground in Nashville at the debate venue. Will Clark who will catch up with you in just a little bit will thank you so much for the time we appreciate it. Already coming up next to check in with Elena Train White House reporter for Axios covering the president and Congress. She recently had a piece in Axios on what the president's debate coaches are telling him in advance of this final presidential debate. So that is next. Right here on the 2020 vote on I Heart.

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