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First off. I'd like to give a big thank you to Jenny. Poon for contributing to this week's show coots has had its fair. Share GROWING PAINS BUT OVER TIME. Jenner team have learned to embrace adversity. And they're stronger for it. Whenever you walk into their space in Midtown Phoenix you can tell the roots run deep and you immediately sent their purpose. So if you're looking for a place where your business can thrive the communities? Empowered in collaborations encouraged. You should definitely check out cahoots. You can schedule a tour of their space in midtown on their website. Cahoots DOT COM. But if you're located in Phoenix is East Valley. There's a cahoots opening near you the summer so for information on how you can become a founding member of Cahoots Mesa go check out. Cahoots MESA DOT COM to learn more. When I think about what it takes to end up agreed partnership I think about the process of filtering through all of those quote unquote candidates. You've gotTa know right off the Bat. What are the pre-qualifications that matter to you? For example think about the people you're closest to you can probably come up with ten to fifteen off the top of your head but if you're looking at those people as potential partners you need to determine if those relationships are kind of one side or if there's equal give and take to be fair that may not be the best way to articulate but the idea that I'm getting at here is that your relationships and those that evolve into partnerships should be mutually healthy. Which in this case isn't the same as mutually beneficial. Don't get me wrong. It's great if you're both getting something out of it but that's more of a transactional relationship than it is a partnership. Remember in a partnership. You're building something together. So you're both empowering the partnership then subsequently you're empowering each other now that's not to say that if the relationship seems one sided that you can't get to the point where it's mutually healthy. It'll take some time but so long as you talk it out and level set with each other you can restore balance and build on the relationship but how about we focused on the idea of your inner circle. Alex I think these people as your most influential group of partners. But here's the million dollar question. Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? You've probably heard someone say that you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with and for the longest time this was seen as a polarizing opinion on interpersonal connection. But now it's gaining traction and getting a lot of attention from social psychologists because there's data backing up at the most fundamental level as you grow from adolescence into your teenage years and then into adulthood your motivation to connect with people shifts from trying to play. Nice with everyone to be more strategically selective informing your inner circle. So is that core group of friends and peers narrows over time. Those people are inadvertently shaping your interests your personality and yeah even your success not a lot people think about this but just by being more aware of it you can influence the outcomes for example. Let's say you determine that one or two people in your inner circle aren't aligned to your core values or that they're not building you up as much as your building them up. That doesn't mean you've got to kick him to the curb but it does mean that they may not be a great fit as a partner in your inner circle who knows. Maybe there's someone waiting in the wings just outside of your core group who's a better fit as a partner what I can tell you is that without that level of awareness you'll never cautiously take the initiative to go find out another important thing to keep in mind. Is that when you're looking for a partner in a different context like a business partner or a CO leader? You don't need to exclusively consider the people who make up your inner circle in a way. This goes back to being resourceful. If you're looking for a partner WHO's got specialized skills training and the people in your inner circle don't meet your qualifications. You shouldn't be trying to force a square peg into a round hole whoever you partner with needs to meet or exceed your qualifications. So if you're really fired up about developing your big idea and you don't have the skills to bring it to life. You need to stop talking about how you don't know the person and go find the person it feels like Gary v talks about this sort of thing all the time so if I can find a link of him talking about it in a video I'll make sure to put it in the show notes but the point that he always drives home. Is that if you're looking for that partner you're GonNa have to shake the trees to see what falls out. Don't be afraid to ask your mentors for introductions seve your network has any referrals to give if those trees don't produce what you're looking for you can always use search tools like meet. Ups DOT COM facebook events or linked in events to find upcoming events that bring together the people who have the skills you're looking for where you can make the connections firsthand. Let's say invented. The next must have household appliance. And you need a partner. Who's an expert networker and strategist help? You take it nationwide you remember. Timorese pellets. Here. From season one she puts on a quarterly event called social connect. It's always great for meeting high achievers who love networking maybe somebody you mean. Social connect will be a perfect fit. Or maybe you'll meet somebody who can introduce you to the partner you're looking for. So here's what you gotta come to terms with. There's no formula for landing the perfect partner but you can minimize the risk of partnering with the Wrong People. So prequalify what you're looking for. Look for partners in the right places figure out if they're actually qualified or if they're full of Shit and before you partner be crystal clear on understanding each other. You need to know what's important to your partner. They need to know what's most important to you in in that partnership your actions into come from a place of support and trust again. I'd like to give a big thank you to Jenny. Poon for joining the show. 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