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Pete McCarthy. How about that Kentucky Derby finish? Here's how it sounded. Two. Colas desert on NBC after lengthy review of writers objection. Maximum security was disqualified, it's the first time in the history of the derby. That's happened. So country house went off at sixty five to one the winner of the derby code of honor second, then Tacitus and improbable to baseball is beginning to feel like twenty eighteen for the Mets. The starting pitching turned their fortunes around but the once robust early season offense. It had dissipated. Well, pita Lonzo provided a shot in the arm with a game tying ninth inning home run. They are still even to the brewers in the eleventh inning now Zack Wheeler at ten strikeouts. In seven solid innings on the mound for the Mets. Jay Yankee Stadium struggles continue today. Four runs allowed five two thirds in a seven three loss to the twins. It's the first loss at home to Minnesota for the Yanks since June of twenty sixteen McGill and do hard hit to errors after missing over a month with a shoulder injury. And James Paxton hits the. Injured list with knee inflammation. He'll be reevaluated in a week. Also tomorrow's game will now start at four zero five for the Yankees. Instead of one zero five is they'll try to wait out some rain in the forecast. NBA play-offs the warriors in Houston, China build on a two zero series laid and the rockets ahead eighty three seventy five to thirty nine to play in the third quarter there and dramatic finish in the NHL playoffs. The Bruins a two goal lead in the third period against the blue jackets, but David pasternack saved their bacon. The game winning goal with one twenty eight remaining on the clock. So the Bruins grand a three two series lead with boards every twenty minutes. People Carthy fan twenty twenty sports the Yanks in Minnesota Twins wrap up their weekend series at the stadium tomorrow at four zero five with the Yankees pre game at three twenty five. Join Susan Wildman and me John sterling all the action exclusively on your.

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