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The dock at port Everglades county is negotiating continuously with the cruise line to get a deal that would be worked out that would get the characters off the ship but at the same time protect Broward county and get these people to an airplane so they can get help commissioner mark Bogen expects the deal to be signed this afternoon to calls for giving masks to all passengers who were not showing symptoms before transferring them to their flights home about forty five people who are sick will be treated on the ships and ten needing critical care will be taken to Broward health for Kerr the official number of Floridians who filed for unemployment benefits last week to order twenty seven thousand marked a new record but it may not tell the whole story of who's out of work that's because of problems with the website and call center people sign up lieutenant governor Jeanette Nunez says efforts are under way to get everything back online we're doing everything we can I know that they've hired additional employees over two hundred fifty to help with the call center if they are hiring on a weekly basis additional employees working with the private sector bringing in additional resources she says Florida's jobs market was doing well before the crisis began the system wasn't prepared to handle something so unprecedented for the corona virus go to the I heard radio laptop the podcast after the latest news and information news is brought you by the Perry financial group stock gambling with retirement funds Dow is up two hundred ninety three points twenty one thousand to thirty six the nasdaq is up fifty three points S. and P. up twenty six well rush coming up after we check whether I'm L. Lewis newsradio six ten W. Y. O. D. the primary pressure cooker it's on a part of this is I want one of these people windward today at three newsradio six ten W. Y. O..

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