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Me. Okay, Well, that's true that that is true. Yeah, right. If you're fast enough to sustain life, right, and then they crawl right up to you, and you can't get out of their way fast enough, They will go all the way to the right. It's a disguise Me then it is actually it. Is it actually the autobahn. It's brutal the way that the way that the roads are right now and during covert has gotten worse. Because the fewer people out of here we're just Yeah, they're driving ridiculous are out of their mind. And some people thought that Jed Hoyer, the Cubs were out of their minds when they traded Yu Darvish. Jesse warned us of this. Yeah. Well, let's see. I thought the Cubs going forward saying, Okay, if you haven't got rid of Kris Bryant yet You're probably not bringing Schwarber bag You said we weren't going to with that. You know, it doesn't mean anything. You could always last minute offer of another deal. But if Kris Bryant's their biases their results there you have Hendrix. You had Darvish and you had Alec Mills is like, okay, maybe you can compete and what is not necessarily a very strong National League Central, But now you look at it and they moved Irish and They get four kids, and I said, Well, they should also get Zach Davies. They get Zach Davies, who I think is 50 and 36 in his career isn't above 500 pitcher. He's you know, middle of of the rotation kind of guy, but it's just as a cub fan. You've got to be a little Frustrated, I would think because you know, in 2016, you were the world. Syria's You get to the playoffs. It was five or six years, but you don't get it. You don't get to the World Series again, and it had to be frustrating. That is just getting From most confidence. I've talked to just getting to the winning the world Syriza's The one was enough. Others, which is which I love seeing. It's like OK, now you set the bar higher. You've got to do better. Well, I think We all thought, including Sox fans looking up at the North side. Thought, you know, this is maybe one or two, maybe three championship team. They all did. Yeah, and everybody did Because of the way they were built. They thought they got there early. You know this? This just looks like, you know, saving money. To me. I mean, it's growth. It's moving forward. But saving some money does this makes does the feel resignation? Make more sense? I got yes to to be there were on something was looking at it like, okay. All you want to do is cut. I don't want my name on this right by let let Jed Hoyer takeover dollars, so he so he could get yelled at explain all the moves that they're not going to be able to make or the moves that are gonna, you know, make my trading away. Younger guys wanted his his legacy here in Chicago. I came. You know I came. He saw he conquered yet And then all of a sudden you're not there. I'm not in for another round. I'm out. And he did that in Boston, too. I know he had a hard time in Boston. But you know, he brought that city a couple of championships. Two will chase the guy that listens all the time. He's a big fan of black and of dollars. He listens us all the time, too. We really appreciate it, he said. He has no podcast. Pretty cool. Two cubs can probably compete the bad Central. I understand movie you based on the potential return back, but it ended up looking underwhelming. Time will tell. Yeah, it's and we'll tell the problem with it is You know they had, They said it was not a salary dump, but that they also were above the luxury tax for two years in a row that it was no. They had to get below that we were going to do it again. I mean, why would you really admit that if you don't have to totally admit that if you dance around it Yeah, well, it goes back to the capital. Lot of other people they want they want. I can't rember the word, but they want everybody to explain exactly what it is they're doing now. General managers don't need told disclosure. They want that They want transparency. That's where the bones are. They want transparency about what they're doing. General managers don't need transparent You're only going to get a certain amount transferred. The trick is to seem like you're very transparent when you're out, Not actually. Well, everybody does it. Everybody thought deal was very transparent and the white sacks for the most part are team that where they make deals. You don't know about it. They sneak up and all of a sudden They got who they got. Lance Lynn, right? There was no rumors. Where'd that come from? Right right. But it does seem on a certain level that they are a bit transparent. Yet they still do that. That's the trick to appear to be transparent, but not give away all the secrets because the last you know what All of the teams are monitoring what everybody else, says. And when the eight spirit that they had to figure out Okay says Lion, is this guy lion? Or is he serious and be serious? Does that help us? What we're trying to build trust game? It really is. And I was never good at chess. My brother was great at it. I was okay. Checkers. Just taking me. Okay, crowd me, Whatever it is, he goes. Just stop. Just don't play chess over your figure it out or just leave me alone, and he's younger to me. He's a He's a mutt. You haven't figured out the chest. He was talking about The Queen's gambit. He said. Always. We're gonna big deal about the first move. He said. You know what? After the first movie, you still got to do everything else, right? It doesn't really matter what your first move is. You gonna pull your part part out two point he goes. Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead. And he said, that's the part he didn't like about the movie, you know, and the chest Then we have a chess game sitting in front of us. That will actually, son, uh, twitch, but Just sets. I just know the horse makes big seller. Very big seller for Christmas. I'm bad Cove it And you know what else is comeback puzzles, My friend. Yeah, I did one earlier last time you didn't put earlier year 2000 piece puzzle with beer labels. Wow. And usually I did it while drinking beer. I mean, really symmetry. Nothing stops you. Why? Why should it? Thanks, Eric. For all of his help, Don't forget. I'll be back tomorrow with Brian Handley. We have the points back. Sports World.

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