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Estimates on termite elimination and would damage repair mighty mite termite dot com red flag warning today through four to spare the air date two temperatures in the upper sixties to mid seventies this is fresh air and if you're just joining us my guest to Sam Esmail and he's the creator and lead writer and director of the USA network series Mr robot which is in its fourth and final season you love movies does not telling yourself represented in movies make you feel left out or distance from what you love now it did the opposite I thought I was not normal and the people in the movies for and it just made me aspire to be them it did so the so the reason why I think my Avenue of the reason why I light love movies so much is that I could escape into that world and and pretend I am those people people that we're normal people that were more accepted good looking people who were you're connected with other good looking people and and who are powerful and successful and charismatic and could talk to each other and and it was it wasn't until later when I be you know I started watching Kubrick films that I realized so you can actually talk about outsiders to you could actually channel the person that I knew I was deep down as well and that's when I started to kind of realized the power of what in terms of like what I could bring to it as a storyteller and how I can bring my experiences to resign because at that initially it was just all about escapism and then it became about something channeling something something more real inside me when you were watching movies and inspiring to be the attractive people who were friends with other attractive people who are some of the people your spare room to be life Michael J. fox back to the future off Montiel the karate kid getting Elizabeth Shue I'm actually a weirdly lives which is also in boxes well she's in the sequel back to the future part terra or Bill Murray and Ghostbusters the the the you know and then I would watch like the French connection I was obsessed with the knives obsessed with gene Hackman and even though I you know I my concept of of of of good looking wasn't I wasn't I wasn't not sorry about that but it was just about the energy right gene Hackman was a bad **** in that movie and and he was gonna go get the bad guys in these awesome car chases and you know so yeah those are the people that are or even I'll tell you this a few good men weirdly enough I was twelve years old and I saw that movie didn't understand all the court room lingo but I was obsessed with that movie and Tom Cruise that you know the way he sort of approach his personality on if you remember the film but his personality was so outspoken so charming he was cocky but in this fun way in this endearing way and I just remembered so desperately wanting to be like him in that cell what about Jack Nicholson saying you can't handle the truth well but then Tom Cruise you know bring them down and it was it was so I was more a I mean as much as I love Jack Nicholson and you know and he's obviously you know someone I someone I admired and and and is on the right was Tom Cruise being the side being on the good side I was never actually it's weird because I think of Elliott does is morally ambiguous character it's not quite the hero is will you know you know described as an anti hero and I do love that about the character but I think as a kid growing up watching the movies I was always on the side of the heroes always on the side of the person who who who wanted to do good even if they didn't realize it and so yeah I was at that yeah I was more on Tom cruise's side Daniel cafe I guess is his character's name was a frustrating for you that your parents didn't like movies they didn't they don't care about moving I don't they like them or not but they didn't care they didn't go you didn't go with them so that was a lie something you are obsessed with was something you couldn't really share with them it was very it was incredibly frustrating I mean not that you know that doesn't even you gotta remember they they can care about anything related to American culture so yeah movies they would drop me off at noon at the movie theater a buy one ticket and then I would stay until ten PM and I would theater hop on and you sneak into other movies or the multiplex yeah and see for movies and then and then they pick me up at ten PM at night and I was eight nine when I was doing this ten they wouldn't even come into movies you know with their son who's that young and they're just rather than spend the money they would just pay for my taken leave me there so did you get to see adult things that you would not yeah I mean I remember I saw robocop when I was really young I think was nine and I don't know if you've ever seen robocop scene the scene where they should just torture rollers character and shooting limbs off with a gun and kind of laughing about it and it's her rific and yeah I was I was nine years old and I think I'd bother to go to karate kid part two saw Carly can part two and then snuck into stock in the robocop so what impact of that violence have on your young mind well you know I I you know both to that I was I was obsessed with slasher films too so Friday the thirteenth nominal street size all gore and I I don't see to me via and this is this is the weird thing about people I know who are scared of watching horror films you know adults that are here once in our phones I never took the violence in films that seriously they never scared me you know to that extent it was almost I loved the vessel the visceral experience of it the the sort of high stakes of it but it was never something that actually permeated me pass out into some deep fear or anything like that I just remember loving the impact that that could have on someone and so of course then as me just being a young person was a spy and be a film maker thought how do I use that as a storyteller to give off that same experience so I'm experiencing right now so was there a pivot point lead thought not only do I love movies I'm gonna make them it was the T. I. I hate to bring the story out because it sounds like I'm I'm dissing on Steven Spielberg and I don't I don't I don't want him to think think that but but if I'm being honest and and again I'm a huge fan let me just preface this by saying I'm a huge fan of Spielberg in level a lot of his films and I would but I would say that when I saw ET and I remember it was the first movie is on the movie theater and and I remember everyone in school talking about it and and more and I remember just wanting like yeah I had not been allowed to the movie theater and I remember being like that and and because back then movies are coming out on video for a long time so it's gonna be years before I could see it on on VHS so I finally convinced my parents to let me go see it and I was so excited I mean again it was about I remember hearing what that was about it was about aliens about a little boy who encounters aliens and I just I was is it action adventure film and so I was really excited and and then I saw it and I remember being really bored again this the first time in the movie theater and I was I was bored because I did not feel that visceral experience that I had watching French connection or any of the bad slasher films of watch I didn't I it was more of a drama I mean you know ET is more of this sort of lovely friendship between a boy in an alien and it was it wasn't it was sort of not was expecting but I do remember just being this egotistical little kids I remember walking on the movie theater disappointed and thinking I can do better than that and I remember that was the first thought I had about being a filmmaker have you met Spielberg I have not I got what you're gonna say we are a look I'm a huge Jurassic Park fan I mean that was a ride that I still remember they still go on every once in awhile pop that movie on Schindler's list is obviously a masterpiece so Spielberg for listening I'm I'm a fan Sam Esmail it's just been great to talk with you thank you so much likewise thank you Sam Esmail is the creator and the lead writer and director of the series Mister robot which is in its fourth and final season on USA network tomorrow on fresh air as the impeachment inquiry gains momentum our guests will be the New York times correspondent in Ukraine Andrew Kramer let's talk about the impact of president trump's dealings with Ukraine on that country the difficult balancing act facing Ukraine's new president and my president trump says Ukrainian officials tried to sabotage his campaign I hope you'll join us fresh tears executive producers Danny Miller our technical director and engineers are to them our associate producer for digital is Molly CV nest river Chaura directs the show.

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