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And yet ab sasa kind of them i don't know it just takes his taste really good i like it what kind of peanut is this again this is the virginia go america man exactly the moral it's or this one wasn't our favorite it doesn't seem that different for me them the runner and actually there in the same like when they're grouped together in the bride alls it's the runner and the virginia and the spanish and the valencia lead us we're like somalia is peanut butter too i want that to be a thing that i would be the first master peanuts somalia now i can close my eyes blindfolded the i i smell that i taste to tell you this was a valencia grown at five thousand feet above sea level oh my gosh valencia's are grown higher by fee level and he's not getting that's totally i'm the peanut whisper tens but heating peanut butter every morning for breakfast for like a decade and he is clearly eight peanut butter expert okay so the valencia but it was a good gas but it really is grown of four thousand feet in the us this whole thing even though i felt completely ridiculous doing a peanut butter tasting and was one of the more surprising taste tests we've done for the show i really was expecting peanut butter to just be peanut butter but now i've sold my soul to virginia peanuts and i can only get my peanut butter in the mail which i am perfectly aware is about the busiest thing i've ever said this is of unwanted tested whom though and if you go to our website guest dot com or of the names of the peanut butter is we used but not all of you will be able to give it a try because i am betting that some of you listeners either are or live with someone who is allergic to peanuts so the first medical case that i've come across pena dollar jifa tally is in the canadian medical association journal the late eighties are then a couple months later there's one of the journal of the american medical association.

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