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Do not envisage three with you on this monday voice on blair is backtracking today come on the camera dea's i beg cameras manager called her this morning what do you mean you're retiring why are you doing so selma blair told the world that her friend cameron de as head retired from acting she did an interview and she said that cameroon was done with acting and now at selma blair is backtracking and saying these comments were taken out of context it was a joke she says guys please i was making a joke in an interview cameron diaz is not retiring from anything and for more breaking news i am now retiring from being cameron ideas his spokesperson well that's good she made a joe but yeah i mean you know then ari you know and understand someone's making a joke but i was like weird it is kind of weird he said i will what they were talking about was a reunion has a reunion yeah so they were in that the sweetest thing together in two thousand two he'll movie a very cute and so sama blair said i had lunch with cameron the other day we were reminiscing about the film and i would have liked to do a sikh role sequel but cameron's retired from acting she's like i'm done i mean she doesn't need to make any more films she has a pretty great life i don't know what it would take to bring her back so depending on how she delivered that line paths of aggressive thing to say about your friend that goes third in a movie just because she doesn't want to remake the fan do you call that seems very pads of aggressive selma blair's now that i hear the whole thing yeah that's a bad thing to say about your friend to a reporter part of this is the thing yeah be careful who you're talking to be not does the reporters during to do anything with but she's been in business you know the long enough time i just wonder about why selma is putts during this she went on after that tweet where she said cameron is into retiring she.

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