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To reuniting with his wife and his Children. That's his attorney, speaking on his behalf, ABC News Crime and Terrorism analyst Brad Garrett is with us this morning, Brad, What does this say to people that this case was overturned on a technicality like this? Well it from the standpoint that maybe he shouldn't have been prosecuted because of this agreement. Is one issue, but it's to be clear. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court did not address at all guilt or innocence here or or the reliability of the evidence, etcetera. This was strictly a narrow legal decision. Based on the agreement that the former prosecutor Mr Castor had made with Cosby's lawyers. That he wouldn't be criminally prosecuted if he testified the civil case. So there is that. But if you are a sexual assault victim out there and you see here is a very powerful high profile, you know? Person that's known all over the world. Bill Cosby get out quote unquote of charts sexual assault charges. It may have a real chilling effect because I'll tell you and working these cases. It's an uphill battle to get victims to even come forward. The estimates are less than 25% of sexual assaults or even reported And so you can see anything like this could really have a negative effect. Are you surprised by this yesterday? No, I'm not because I had heard that that was clearly out there. And you know the question Amanda all along in some legal scholars that I have that I have read since this came out yesterday, you know, sort of question whether legally If one prosecutor makes an agreement with someone, it is the new prosecutor, the newly elected prosecutor bound by that now obviously the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania. Agreed that it was binding, so I don't know. I don't know, but it's it'll be interesting to see as we go down the road in other cases. You know what? Uh, what might happen, But you know the important thing here. Is that the decisions that you make at the time in the justice system Can have, you know profound effects on a case later years later. And this sadly, is an example of that, Brad thanks for your input again this morning, ABC News Crime and terrorism analyst Brad Garrett. Also this morning, we should mention that actress Phylicia Rashad, who starred on The Cosby Show is walking back her statement from yesterday she had tweeted after Cosby's sexual assault conviction was overturned, Quote a miscarriage of justice is corrected. It caused a backlash, and she's posted a new tweet, saying that she fully supports survivors of sexual assault. Come on news time. 5 51 time to get to our propeller insurance Money.

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