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That's all pro cardin rogge rakosky and nothing fueled my panin gryke spike like all natural oberle beef turkey lean beef slow cook in season to perfection it's all natural and all delicious don't take a chance with some wimpy snack go with protein pack all natural or burn obese jerky bird obese jerky you get out you put it refers hooper on metroliners be turkey's minimally process nord official ingredient this is the stephen a smith giovane gases i'm steven happy hot day everybody is a wednesday hot hot summer day dave rothenberg infrastucture gonna espn radio espn app last we spoke we wondered about the yankees and their bullpen and they're starting rotation and what they'll do it third base and maybe a little bit of i basin while the akis have gone ahead and answered a lot of those questions since were last on the air with you here on espn radio i'm watching the yankees game last night and they're starts to be a ball is across social media that the yankees are on the verge of getting todd frazier david robertson and tommy canley and by the end of the night that trade is official and that's the yankees acquire so you'll lot of good news and yankees land this just goes to show you the way sports moved so quickly guys done it like there's this real concern and things are not going well they've been playing horrible based one and i still think is reasonable concerned about what they are right now but they go out there trailing three one i mean they're two inches away from being down four one cologne is somehow miraculously shutting down the keys they get to cologne judge with a big hit the guetta sanchez with a baguette yankees take a six three lead they would not game six three and then when the.

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