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Room and it's like yeah, fuck, you, guys. We wreck shit and we're out of here piece. You know at this point. Goliath is like okay. I need to take charge here. He's the leader that he is the leader and the you know like the dad like figure, and he's like all right little buddy. Let's go and kinda grabs Lexington, and luckily ten is still just all up. His feels like I'm fine I'm fine. They can do it on my own. I could do nobody he really does. Have that reaction you go all right, and then they fly off the fight off to a nearby rooftop in Lexington. The word I use is incredulous. He can't even understand how he was betrayed by strangers in costumes. Was? How could they do that to I? Really like I think hurting Lexington. Feelings probably pisses me off more than like hurting anyone else's feelings like he's a sweet little angel boy. You don't do that to him. Jerks Lexington says never trusting anyone again, and I've got to be honest. That's the way to go. Yeah, everyone is shady and out to get you. Yeah, even your dearest friends. Your closest loved ones. Listeners don't trust anyone. Okay well I'm going to. I'm going to interrupt that and say you can trust me for him as a gargoyles. Yes, perhaps he should not just trust anybody saying humans, dogs, monkeys. None of us should be trusted anyone all right. You're jaded. Suddenly Explosion Liz very dramatic this episode. I'm trying to lean into it. The duo are attacked again because he's fucking packed. motherfuckers just can't get enough right like Ooh like you can tell. Wolf is into this. He's like. Yes, this is the chase I've been wanting. Yeah, he's rock-hard. This whole restaurants episodes. It's unsettled. Why did they draw that Liz? Why did they draw that in? Your gross. One of dingoes flying a giant saw exploding razzamatazz blows up and goliaths face, and this sets up a very extended, chasing the basically last the rest of the episodes. Yes, Dingo LASSOS Goliath with the stupid metal rope thing meals. He uses his PECs to just pop it like nothing man. Jackal cut some electrical wires, and they catch our heroes. Mid Air is they're trying to escape, and they're electrocuted and they fall to the ground, and then they'd climbing the side of a building. They're trying to escape, and they get to the top of this skyscraper, and then in the distance. We are GONNA. She's cackling like a crazy person. What's up with that? Because fucking explosion goes off seconds later and blows Goliath and Lexington down of ground. POOR BABIES, so they're laying there knocked out unconscious and. Yeah the pack swarms. That's what packs to. This pack of hunting Alpha hunters swarm like bees. was, beginning to think that these guys are just insane, these guys are psychopaths are definitely psychopath Liz. I hope that our heroes aren't dead shows over episodes sex no more than the other seventy two episodes, or whatever it just. Broadway in Brooklyn Grieving I never get over the death of Goliath and Lexington and Dream Boat. Is You get some cats say the grief of losing her goliath powers her to the super strong bad ass. Like deadpool pool kind of like. The punisher what is like he goes after people anti hero. I guess anyway I was going good places in the IT fizzled. Liz instead of all. That I'm going to third a commercial. Listeners into Alpha Male, bad ass, leading ladies, and happily ever after then checkout another great calamity cast podcast the week where I chat with my other two co host everything we love in sometimes hate about both writing and reading romance novels, so grab.

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